England, North: delegated decisions August 2023

England, North: delegated decisions August 2023

Schedule of decisions under delegated powers for England, North at The National Lottery Heritage Fund on 1 August 2023.

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

Holgate Shaw Lane Memorial Project

Applicant: The Shaw Lane Foundation ltd

Project description: To create a memorial space dedicated to the former Barnsley Grammar School to display artefacts and school memorabilia. The memorial display will be offered to schools and an annual remembrance event will be hosted.

Decision: Award grant of £9450

A Light That Never Fades

Applicant: Arthur Wharton Foundation

Project description: To produce a short film on the life and career of Arthur Wharton, the world’s first Black professional football player.

Decision: Award grant of £7700

St George's CE Primary School's 150th Birthday

Applicant: St George's CE Primary School

Project description: To run a series of events and activities planned with the pupils, including the creation of a time capsule, a mural and National Sports Week activities.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000

Sharing Somali Heritage

Applicant: Somali Advice link

Project description: To deliver weekly workshops that celebrate Somali heritage and culture and to promote the wellbeing of the Somali community in Manchester.

Decision: Award grant of £9992

Sefton Costal Community Connections Project

Applicant: Valewood Primary School

Project description: To engage students in a local community project highlighting the heritage of the local coastline’s flora and fauna.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000

BAME Women  Cultural dance project

Applicant: Holding-Hands (North East) Community Interest Company

Project description: To promote inclusion and wellbeing through cultural dance performances and activities in Newcastle.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000

Wigton's Industrial Heritage (Looking back to move forward)

Applicant: North Allerdale Development Trust Limited

Project description: To create an exhibition which highlights Wigton as a champion of enterprise and industry. It will showcase traditional trades and work with local artisans who are still continuing them.

Decision: Award grant of £4532

Birtley Community Heritage

Applicant: Skills 4 Work (Gateshead) Limited

Project description: To work with young people across Gateshead to produce two videos that explore Birtley’s war graves, as well as Birtley in the 1900s and the present day.

Decision: Award grant of £4400

Unpicked – Talking programme

Applicant: Sunny Bank Mills Museum and Archive Limited

Project description: To produce a series of talks on textile processes and the collection, and to increase accessibility for visually and hearing impaired visitors.

Decision: Award grant of £9930

It's All a Show: Fairground Showmen, Identity and Mental Health

Applicant: University of Sheffield

Project description: To produce an exhibition exploring the identity and mental health of British fairground showmen, as well as workshops, events and learning materials.

Decision: Award grant of £9999

Vent with the outdoors Minority men's movement for suicide prevention

Applicant: MBS for mental health and Wellbeing for Bame

Project description: To develop a mental health support offer tailored for men, including new activities and outdoor sessions.

Decision: Reject

Preston Guild Lodge Founders Banner Restoration

Applicant: Preston Guild Lodge No.4408

Project description: To restore the lodge’s 1927 banner to preserve for future use.

Decision: Reject

Seeing Kunta Kinteh through Gambian in Hull

Applicant: Bameen cic

Project description: To celebrate Gambian culture by celebrating the story of Kunta Kinteh with activities such as traditional music, dance and storytelling. It aims to increase cultural understanding and social cohesion.

Decision: Reject

Air Conditioning

Applicant: Stokesley Town Hall Trust

Project description: To fit air conditioning in the Main Hall to encourage greater use of the space.

Decision: Reject

Bishop Auckland Street Food Market


Project description: To grow the profile of a Street Food Market that celebrates local food culture. It also provides regular and accessible opportunities for social reintegration to tackle isolation.

Decision: Reject

My Culture, My Heritage – (BAME Youth Cultural short film project)

Applicant: Holding-Hands (North East) Community Interest Company

Project description: To produce a series of sessions with women and girls and produce a short film that captures their cultural identity, heritage and everyday life in the UK.

Decision: Reject

TWBPT Resilience – People, Partnerships, Peers

Applicant: Tyne and Wear Building Preservation Trust Limited

Project description: To increase resilience and engagement with communities through a five-year Business Plan and the appointment of a Heritage Officer.

Decision: Award grant of £143,863

The Silver Swan – 2023 Project

Applicant: The Bowes Museum

Project description: To restore an 18th-century swan clock and enable it to be used sustainably for public engagement with conservator talks and workshops.

Decision: Award grant of £146,342

Always Been Here

Applicant: Crescent Arts

Project description: To research and interpret the Scarborough Museums and Galleries archive and explore the presence of queer histories. 

Decision: Award grant of £29,440

Cannington Shaw Heritage Skills Academy

Applicant: Cannington Shaw Preservation Trust CIC

Project description: To develop the Cannington Shaw Heritage Skills Academy which will deliver a programme of training, skills development and work experience. 

Decision: Award grant of £244,661

Crafting Heritage

Applicant: Cartwheel Arts Ltd

Project description: To explore and celebrate the heritage crafts of refugees and people seeking asylum in Rochdale by working with such communities. Co-production opportunities and bespoke training will be offered to emerging craftspeople.

Decision: Award grant of £92,340

Revealing the Liverpool Irish Famine Trail

Applicant: Liverpool Irish Festival

Project description: To build skills and community connections through the creation of a heritage trail and resources with a final project showcase.

Decision: Award grant of £99,590

Working Together: health and wellbeing in museums and heritage organisations

Applicant: Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance CIC

Project description: To provide specialist training in health and wellbeing to museum and heritage staff. As well, to deliver six pilot projects which explore making this work sustainable within institutions. 

Decision: Award grant of £249,071

Congolese Traditional Marriage Heritage


Project description: To connect immigrants, refugees and people seeking asylum from the Democratic Republic of Congo to their cultural identity and preserve traditional marriage customs by hosting workshops and interviews.

Decision: Award grant of £71,648

1197 And All That: Assheton of Middleton

Applicant: Manchester City Council

Project description: To acquire the Assheton of Middleton collection and enable it to be accessed by a wider range of people through collection work, workshops and learning resources.

Decision: Award grant of £49,947

Whitehaven Heroes

Applicant: Whitehaven Supporters Co-operative Limited

Project description: To collate and record the history of Whitehaven Rugby League Club through oral histories, a dementia-friendly Memories Club and a publication.

Decision: Reject

Thelwall 1100 Festival – a community heritage celebration

Applicant: Thelwall 1100 Festival

Project description: To commemorate and celebrate the history of Thelwall through a festival programme, sustainable legacies around the village and activities to care for their heritage.

Decision: Award grant of £37,651

Rape Crisis – exploring the herstories and futures of the movement

Applicant: Rape Crisis England & Wales

Project description: To produce a sound archive with oral histories of 30 women in the Rape Crisis movement.

Decision: Award grant of £224,757

Project North Star (PNS)

Applicant: Project North Star

Project description: To develop the website to include an interactive section including podcasts and interviews that share Black history in the Northeast.

Decision: Reject

Tenter Frames Restoration and Engagement

Applicant: Otterburn Investments Ltd

Project description: To repair the tenter frames and increase engagement with them through interpretation, workshops and performances.

Decision: Reject

The Last Ten

Applicant: Reform Radio Community Interest Company

Project description: To mark the 10th anniversary of Reform Radio by producing 10 podcasts that research and capture local oral histories in Manchester.

Decision: Reject

Ilkley Moor – Peoples Heritage Project

Applicant: Friends of Ilkley Moor

Project description: To develop and deliver a programme of community engagement on Ilkley Moor, including volunteer days, health and wellbeing walks and educational activities.

Decision: Reject

Jukebox – emblem of youth in post-war Britain

Applicant: Mirador

Project description: To deliver participatory events and activities the explore how the British jukebox was created on the seaside coast of Lytham and Blackpool.

Decision: Reject

St Johns Church Carnaby, Drainage and Future Facilities

Applicant: Joint Council of Carnaby, Grindale and Ergham and Rudston

Project description: To carry out repairs on the church building involving drainage improvements, toilet installation, carpeting and repainting.

Decision: Reject

Docklands Trail Visitor Centre

Applicant: The Docklands Trail

Project description: To increase visitor access by creating new exhibitions throughout the docks that share Bootle and Merseyside’s wartime history.

Decision: Reject

Behind the Facade: Women Crafts People of York

Applicant: Fabrication Crafts Ltd

Project description: To highlight the work of craftswomen in York through a programme of workshops, reaching wider audiences and increasing the resilience of the organisation.

Decision: Reject

H M S Cobra

Applicant: Shipwrecks of the River Humber Area

Project description: To produce a 3D photogrammetry plan of the shipwreck site and to document the building and loss of the ship in photos, video, and historical documents.

Decision: Reject