Business renewal plan

This plan must include the steps you will take to make your organisation financially viable in the future.

You will need to tell us:

  • Your plan for the best value for money route to sustainability. This should set out the key cultural activity you plan to progress with, which is good value for money with social distancing in place, and which does not entail significant financial risks for your organisation. Your plan must demonstrate you have taken appropriate steps to reduce costs. You should have a clear plan to maximise income as fully as possible in a cost effective way, including extending opening hours if appropriate and taking advantage of temporary changes to Government rules and regulations.
  • How you have considered whether full reopening, scaled-back reopening, or remaining closed with a reduced cost base provides your best chance for longer-term survival.
  • How you have the skills and experience available at a senior level to enable you to adapt and flex your business to the changing external environment, and ensure the best chance of longer-term viability, sustainability and recovery.
  • What financial controls, monitoring and reporting processes you have in place to ensure the effective financial management of your organisation.
  • How your plans are change orientated and consider how they can contribute to the following Department for Communities key objectives and outcomes:
    • Maintaining a balanced and sustainable sector for the longer term.
    • Tackling poverty and social exclusion.
    • Improving mental health and reducing isolation.
    • Responding to the needs of people with disabilities.
    • Preserving jobs and underpinning job creation.
    • Supporting new skills development for those in most need.
    • Supporting and generating new apprenticeship opportunities.
    • Supporting projects involving heritage craftspeople.
    • Creating new partnerships with other organisations and individuals.
    • Digitising and adapting to changing audience, visitor and customer demands.
    • Increasing audiences, particularly those from the most deprived backgrounds.
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