Board meeting: May 2023

Board meeting: May 2023

Schedule of decisions from the Board of Trustees meeting in May 2023.

National Heritage Memorial Fund

Restoration of Helwick (Light Vessel 91)

Applicant: Swansea Museum

Decision: Reject

MFC: Rescuing two medieval churches from ruin 

Applicant: Friends of Friendless Churches

Decision: Award grant of £769,309 (74% of total costs)

MFC New Lanark World Heritage Site  addressing the maintenance and repairs backlog 

Applicant: New Lanark Trust

Decision: Award grant of £2,395,140 (84% of total costs)

MFC Saving John McDouall Stuart View 

Applicant: Fife Historic Buildings Trust

Decision: Reject

CAF: Saving Macclesfield's Heritage: Paradise Mill, Silk Museum & Old Sunday School 

Applicant: Silk Heritage Trust

Decision: Award grant increase of £30,158 to make a total grant of £339,133 (95% of total costs)

To save the historic steam tug Cervia from imminent loss and to provide a new home for the vessel 

Applicant: The Steam Tug Cervia Restoration Trust

Decision: Reject

HMS Unicorn, emergency Main Wale (hull) Repairs

Applicant: The Unicorn Preservation Society 

Decision: Award grant of £1,110,930 (95% of total costs)

Lawrence Alma-Tadema's 'In My Studio' acquisition

Applicant: Leighton House

Decision: Reject