Strengthening St John's Hoxton

Strengthening St John's Hoxton

St John's Hoxton
St John’s Hoxton received a grant to make governance improvements

Heritage Grants

LONDON, London
St John's Hoxton
St John’s Hoxton received a grant to make governance improvements, whilst also preparing it to undertake a future capital redevelopment project.

Following almost 200 years of service and engagement, the Grade II* church has become an important part of both Hoxton’s heritage and community. However, St John’s felt that the building and crypt were not being used to their full potential. Completing HLF’s Resilient Health Strength Checker helped them realise that although they provide many high quality services, there were areas of organisational concern that need to be addressed.

Overseen by a Project Manager, the project will look at both their current management and future development plans which include the construction of a new annex and block of mixed tenure housing, and reorder the crypt to allow for creative and commercial uses.

The project will include community consultation, a staff and capacity audit, and environmental study. They will also review existing operating models, create a fundraising plan, and assess the church’s historical significance, in order to ensure the capital proposals minimise any negative impacts.

All commissions include budget for staff training, as well as presenting completed plans to volunteers and the local community. An intern receiving the London Living Wage will also support the project and receive training and mentoring.