Restoring Forest Lane Park for people and nature

Restoring Forest Lane Park for people and nature

Forest Lane Park showing pond with wildlife, trees and historic building
Forest Lane Park in Newham. Credit: Andrew Baker Photographer.

National Lottery Grants for Heritage – £250,000 to £5million

Forest Gate North
London Borough of Newham
Newham Council has received initial support for a proposed £1million project to transform Forest Lane Park, a green space in the heart of Newham.
Geese and ducks on the banks of the pond in the park
The ponds provide an ideal habitat for wildlife.
Credit: Andrew Baker Photographer.

Forest Lane Park in Newham offers precious green space for the community and nature. The site is important for local biodiversity, with 50% of the area dedicated to supporting nature recovery. However, the park is in poor condition, and the natural heritage is at risk of being lost.

This project will restore much of the original landscape and make the park more accessible. It will create a sensory garden and growing space, restore the ponds and develop a management and maintenance plan.

Lucel Tate remembered

Central to the project is celebrating the pioneering work of local activist, Lucel Tate. Lucel worked in the maternity hospital in the 1970s, which was in the former Industrial School building within the park.

The project will reinstate her statue, which was recently removed, and will showcase her story.

Lucel was the first chair of the Hibiscus Caribbean Elderly Association and founder of the Hibiscus Community Centre. Her work focused on moving away from a 'one size fits all' approach to social care and housing, based on her understanding of the specific needs of Afro-Caribbean elders in her own community.

We have awarded a development grant of £86,541. Newham Council will apply for £990,682 delivery funding later.

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