Martens on the Move: long-term recovery for pine martens

Martens on the Move: long-term recovery for pine martens

A pine marten - a small brown furry mammal with prominent round ears, a long body and bushy tail - on a forest floor
A Scottish pine marten. Photo: Robert Cruickshanks.

National Lottery Grants for Heritage – £250,000 to £5million

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Ledbury South
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Herefordshire, County of
The Vincent Wildlife Trust
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Over the next four years, the Martens on the Move project will work with local communities to improve the habitat for pine martens.

Established in 1975, Vincent Wildlife Trust is an independent charity and a leading mammal conservation organisation. Their work is contributing to the long-term survival of the pine marten, a critically endangered mammal in England and Wales.

Although once widespread, pine martens were almost extinct in the UK by the beginning of the 20th century. But thanks to the work of conservation organisations, populations have slowly made a comeback in parts of Scotland.

In the last 10 years this success has been repeated in parts of England and Wales thanks to Vincent Wildlife Trust’s Pine Marten Recovery Project and its partnership work on Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust’s Pine Marten Project.

Building on this momentum, the Martens on the Move project will recruit and train volunteers to monitor pine martens as they move into new areas. A diverse range of community groups, landowners and organisations will be able to learn more about the species and play a role in their recovery.


Two volunteers wearing outdoor gear stand in a pine forest an look at a den box which has been strapped to a tree
Den box installation with volunteers from Vincent Wildlife Trust. Photo: Rowie Burcham.

Dr Stephanie Johnstone, Martens on the Move Project Manager at Vincent Wildlife Trust, said: “Martens on the Move is a new era for pine marten conservation in Britain, supporting and promoting the natural recovery of pine martens through community action.

“Men's Sheds in Wales and Scotland and the Houghton Project in England are getting underway with building 150 new den boxes that will be installed in key forest areas in each of the three nations. These den boxes will improve the habitat for pine martens, providing them with safe places to raise their young and over-winter. We have been delighted at the enthusiasm that so many have for pine marten conservation.”

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