Manchester Link to West African textiles through ABC wax prints

Manchester Link to West African textiles through ABC wax prints

A participant photographing wax prints
Photographing wax prints

Heritage Grants

Creative Hands Foundation
The project will identify and record, interpret and explain the history of West African textiles designed and produced by ABC Wax in Manchester from 1900’s until the present day.

After the factory’s closure the production team and machinery was transferred to Akosombo Textiles Limited in Ghana.

Theproject will interview West African people to record their explanations and interpretations of the motifs, colours and designs of the textiles. It will also explore how wax printing production techniques have changed over time. The creative workshops and archive aspects of this project will be delivered with the support of the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) who hold an archive of wax printed textiles from Manchester factories, including ABC Wax.

It will culminate in a documentary, book and exhibition to capture and share this fascinating part of Manchester’s heritage with the wider community.

The project will be led by the Creative Hands Foundation, who deliver a range of craft and visual arts activities in order to improve participant’s sense of well-being. The organisation focuses on working with people from marginalised and deprived communities in Manchester.

[quote= Michelle Ayavoro, Creative Hands Foundation]"Our project has attracted many volunteers from diverse backgrounds, it’s wonderful to see them put the skills they have gained on this project into practice." [/quote]

To find out more about this project visit the Creative Hands Foundation website.