Linen Biennale presents a new chapter in Northern Ireland’s linen history

Linen Biennale presents a new chapter in Northern Ireland’s linen history

A person's hands handling a folded piece of white linen on a flat surface
Credit: Neal Campbell

National Lottery Grants for Heritage – £10,000 to £250,000

Lisburn and Castlereagh
R Space Gallery
Linen Biennale celebrates the versatility and beauty of linen with a packed events programme bringing people together to share skills and reimagine the fabric’s future.

Lisburn-based R-Space Gallery is presenting a three-month programme of heritage and cultural events themed around linen and flax which takes place in venues across Northern Ireland between August and October.

The Linen Biennale 2023: Revive & Renew recognises the heritage of flax and linen in shaping Northern Ireland and its people and considers how it might be used in the future. Today the fabric is inspiring contemporary artists and undergoing a significant renaissance as a material of the future – immensely strong, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Two linen-based artworks, white and orange with map-style detailing on a white wall
Linen-based artworks. Credit: Neal Campbell


Co-director and co-founder of R-Space Gallery, Robert Martin, said: “The story of linen is the story of Northern Ireland, the golden thread that travelled the world. The biennale is an opportunity to examine that rich heritage and history, and to look to the future and explore the enormous potential of flax and linen which is increasingly valued for its eco-credentials.”

For the full programme featuring local artists, makers, producers and community groups, visit the Linen Biennale website.

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