Let your elders speak

Let your elders speak

A menorah and wedding photograph from the Let The Elders Speak project.
A menorah and wedding photograph from the Let The Elders Speak project

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Kersal & Broughton Park
Beenstock Home
This project captured the personal histories of 10 residents at Beenstock Home who had lived through the pre- and post-Holocaust periods.

Beenstock Home is a residential care facility for the elderly in Salford. It was established to provide quality care within an Orthodox Jewish framework, ensuring residents maintain their independence for as long as possible.

A team of volunteers were trained in interviewing and oral history collection. They worked together to explore the contribution each of the participating residents, all over 80 years old, had made to the development of Manchester and Salford’s Jewish community.

The collected stories and memories were then presented as an exhibition which toured between Salford Art Gallery and Manchester Jewish Museum. The oral histories were archived in the North West Sound Archive. In addition, the project produced a recipe book containing a variety of photographs and artwork, with recipes reflecting the Jewish heritage of the residents.

You can find out more about this heritage project by visiting the Let the Elders Speak website.

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