Ingleborough Dales Landscape Partnership

Ingleborough Dales
Ingleborough Dales

Heritage Grants

SETTLE, North Yorkshire, Yorkshire and The Humber
Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust
There is a hidden world tucked under the mighty peak of Ingleborough that gives clues to the people who have lived and cared for it for thousands of years.

Stories in Stone has received a development grant of £99,100 towards a bigger project that will seek to inspire local people to protect it amidst active quarries, intensive farming and millions of visitors, who unwittingly threaten its survival By learning its history, its new guardians will preserve heritage skills and feel a sense of ownership of the ancient dales so that visitors can continue to enjoy its wild freedom without damaging it for future generations. Young people are being encouraged to learn skills that will not only help them to get jobs but will also help them to stay in the area. The project hopes that local engagement will allow a wider range of people to enjoy and care for Ingleborough Dales.

“For the first time we have the exciting opportunity to connect and co-ordinate the plans and actions of a large number of public, private and voluntary organisations, as well as individuals, that have diverse and sometimes conflicting interests in the landscape, whether that’s wildlife, archaeology, recreation, or quarrying. Links are being made, the needs and desires of different groups are being accommodated, and previously unlikely bedfellows are working together. And all of this will benefit the people, communities and landscape of the Ingleborough Dales.” Don Gamble, Development Officer, Ingleborough Dales Landscape Partnership.

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