Hemel Water Gardens

Hemel Water Gardens

View of the Water Gardens and the town
View of the Water Gardens and the town

Heritage Grants

Hemel Hempstead Town
Dacorum Borough Council
The Water Gardens in Hemel Hempstead have been restored to their former glory as one of the country’s most important post-war landscapes.

The Water Gardens were designed by Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe in 1957, and are a Grade II registered landscape. However, recent neglect lead to the gardens being placed on the English Heritage at Risk Register.

This project aimed to restore the park and make it a source of pride for local residents once again. This involved a comprehensive range of restoration activities, such as:

  • Repairs to historic structures, such as bridges and railings
  • Construction of a gardeners’, friends’ and volunteers’ building as a base for new full-time staff and an expanded volunteering programme
  • Softening the impact of car parks with green screening

The work on the park also targeted biodiversity, with interventions to the waterways to allow for the free passage of fish, silt removal and the reintroduction of marginal planting.

It is hoped that the long term effects of this regeneration will contribute towards a wider drive to revitalise the urban centre of Hemel Hempstead, as well as providing residents in the area with a safe and attractive outdoor recreational space. 

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