Farndon Fields Palaeolithic Project

Farndon Fields Palaeolithic Project

Volunteers at the Ice Age hunting site Farndon Fields

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Farndon & Fernwood
Newark and Sherwood
FARI Archaeology
FARI archaeology, a constituted community group, applied for this grant to investigate, record, and protect an internationally important Ice Age hunting site.

The site was discovered in 1993 as part of works leading up to the widening of the A46.

The project enables local people to be involved in the preservation of this unique late Ice Age hunter’s camp, and enhance their knowledge of local heritage.

Professional archaeologists will train and educate in the skills needed to understand and interpret the site. Trained volunteers will then deliver selected training and information to other volunteers, to cascade information into the local community. This will allow many people to learn about the history of ‘deep time’ in the area, and be able to participate in discussions about the site.

Others will be able to learn about the site through an exhibition, leaflets, open events and a website, and young people are being invited to see archaeology in action through school presentations.