The 'Daniel Adamson' Maritime Heritage Project

The 'Daniel Adamson' Maritime Heritage Project

Volunteer Dave Lowles working on board the Daniel Adamson

Heritage Grants

The Daniel Adamson Preservation Society
The focus of the project is to ensure the survival and maintenance of this important vessel for maritime heritage.

Led by the Daniel Adamson Preservation Society, the projects aims to provide opportunities to the whole of the community to learn about the heritage of the Daniel Adamson and the ports and waterways of the region through education and outreach activities. The restoration project offers the opportunity to capture and make available material about life of canal-side communities during the 20th century.

The priority so far has been to protect and minimise any further decay to the vessel, the removal of outworn materials, and the planning of the conservation and eventual full restoration of the pioneering features found aboard. The project has already undertaken the restoration of both the vessel’s compound steam engines and ancillary engine-room equipment, the work on which is now almost complete. This work on-board has been substantially undertaken by a team of volunteers who have so far clocked up over 70,000 hours of activity on this project.

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