Celebrating our Heathland Heritage

Celebrating our Heathland Heritage

Childrens activities as part of the Heathland Heritage project

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Staffordshire Wildlife Trust Ltd
Highgate Common is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and an ancient lowland heath in South Staffordshire. It is home to over 5,000 species of insects and 140 species of wasps and solitary bees.

Over three years Staffordshire Wildlife Trust encouraged new and existing visitors to learn more about the Common’s unique plants and animals.

From ‘glow worm walks’ to ‘green woodworking’, 21 events were delivered attracting more than 560 people. 170 volunteers were also involved in a range of activities from recording people’s memories of the site to habitat management.

Paths were repaired and created to improve access to the reserve. The project also resulted in new trails that include interpretation panels, a leaflet and flexible audio trails using MP3 players and a website.

The project was led by Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, a charitable trust that manages 30 sites for nature conservation.

"We've enjoyed every moment of this project which has really helped our visitors engage with the unique wildlife and history of Highgate Common."

Jeff Sim, Land Management Team Co-ordinator, Staffordshire Wildlife Trust