Ashmolean Museum Early 20th Century Gallery

Ashmolean Museum Early 20th Century Gallery

Outside view of the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Heritage Grants

Oxford, Oxfordshire, South East
Ashmolean Museum
The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford is one of the world’s leading museums. In 2009, it benefitted from a multi-million pound redevelopment project, which saw its display space completely transformed.

The Ashmolean was Britain’s first public museum, and has grown into one of the nation’s most important museums of art and archaeology.

The redevelopment project involved refurbishing the original 1845 museum building, as well as creating a new building, which provides the Ashmolean with 100% more display space. The new building was designed by award-winning Rick Mather Architects and provides the museum with 39 new galleries. This includes four temporary exhibition galleries, a new education centre, state-of-the-art conservation studios, and Oxford’s first rooftop restaurant.

Inside the new galleries, the Ashmolean presents a redisplay of the collections, transforming the way the museum’s rare and beautiful objects are understood. The new way of showcasing the collections has been designed to benefit as many people as possible and provide a source of inspiration for visitors of all ages. 

Nicholas Barber, Chairman of the Ashmolean, said: [quote] “With a magnificent new building and inspiring displays, the museum has been transformed into one of the world’s great cultural jewels.”[/quote]

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