#15 Llanfyllin ni - our Llanfyllin

#15 Llanfyllin ni - our Llanfyllin

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Heritage Grants

Mencap Cymru
The ‘Llanfyllin ni – our Llanfyllin’ project in Mid Wales is recording the contribution made by people living with learning disabilities to their local community.

The project is empowering people living with learning disabilities in rural Wales – who may otherwise feel unheard by society – to tell their own stories about their connections and contributions to the history of Llanfyllin.

People with learning disabilities are central to places.

Run by Mencap Cymru, the project is supporting 10 people aged 20 to 75 from the charity’s day service to record their memories and personal histories of the Mid Wales town.
The storytellers are choosing local locations that they have a close or historical connection to – such as the local market, primary school or café. Mencap Cymru support staff are then taking them there to record interviews.

Due to coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions and the need to maintain social distancing, the staff are using lapel and hand-held microphones.

There will be a virtual event at the end of the project to share the stories with the local community and show that people with learning disabilities are central to places.

The stories will also be added to the People’s Collection Wales website, which preserves unique stories from everyday people.