£11million awarded to protected sites and endangered species in Wales

£11million awarded to protected sites and endangered species in Wales

White flowers on a woodland floor
Wood anemones are often found in ancient woodlands.
Projects preserving curlews, grasslands and blanket bog peat stores are among those receiving grants through our Nature Networks Fund.

The Nature Networks Fund aims to strengthen the resilience of Wales’ protected land and marine sites, support nature’s recovery and encourage communities to get involved in nature conservation.

Nine projects at sites that are home to rare and endangered species have received funding in our latest round of awards.

A digger working on an area of peatland
Restoring peatlands. Photo: National Trust.

Diverse, connected and resilient uplands

National Trust Cymru is delivering the Prosiect Uwch Conwy project which will restore a diverse and resilient upland landscape and make it more accessible to visitors.

Thriving Marine Protected Areas

Cyngor Gwynedd’s Partnership Delivery of MPA (Marine Protected Areas) project will restrict activity that threatens the resilience of five large Marine Protected Areas.

Curlew recovery

An adult curlew bird in a hayfield
Curlews are struggling, with the population
steeply declining in recent years.

The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust is rolling out the Wales Curlew Connections, Cysylltu Gylfinir Cymru project to give a helping hand to this endangered bird species.

Monitoring seabird and dolphin populations 

The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales’s Marine Indicator Species project will focus on seabird species and bottlenose dolphins off the coast of west and mid Wales.

Freshwater biodiversity

The Freshwater Habitats Trust’s ‘River Irfon catchment’ project is aiming to increase the resilience of the freshwater biodiversity network in Powys.

Children surround a collecting tray next to a riverbank, looking for animal and insect species
School pupils learning about life in the river Irfon.

Resilient grasslands

The Glaswelltiroedd Gwydn/Networks Wales project from Plantlife International will restore grassland and Sites of Special Scientific Interest. 

Marine conservation

Project SIARC Phase 2, run by The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and partners including Natural Resources Wales, will fill critical data gaps for six species of shark, skate and ray.

Biodiversity improvements 

an underwater photo of a dogfish
Monitoring shark and fish species.

Restore the Thaw Landscape Project from The Vale of Glamorgan Council will deliver a range of biodiversity improvements along the River Thaw and its tributaries.

Connecting with nature 

The Gwent Green Grid Partnership will involve local people, schools and communities in creating networks of resilient natural spaces in Gwent.

Supporting nature's recovery

We are delivering the Nature Networks Fund on behalf of the Welsh Government and in partnership with Natural Resources Wales.

A plaice on a beach. The photo is taken partly underwater, and distant people can be seen standing on the beach
A plaice hides in the sand on a beach.

Julie James, Minister for Climate Change, said: “This funding will help to facilitate the team Wales approach required to improve the condition and resilience of our protected sites network as well as creating networks of people actively engaged with nature."

Our priority to protect the environment

Andrew White, Director of The National Lottery Heritage Fund in Wales said: “It’s a priority for The National Lottery Heritage Fund in Wales to protect the environment. This is why we support initiatives that help us meet our national nature recovery targets and mitigate the effects of climate change on heritage. 

“Through partnerships such as this, we invest in work that helps halt and reverse the loss and decline of habitats and species and allow people to connect with our unique natural heritage.”

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