Opportunities to join our Committees

Opportunities to join our Committees

The work of our Committees
Our committees meet four times a year and take decisions on requests between £100,000 and £2million. They also provide crucial local perspectives and a steer on priorities for larger grants and targeted initiative decisions which come before the UK Board. Members will have opportunities to meet inspiring people involved in projects and will also represent the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) at openings and events, acting as a champion for the value of heritage to modern life.

Who should consider applying
Individuals need to have a broad appreciation of heritage and a commitment to promoting public understanding and enjoyment of it to the widest possible audience. We are keen applicants demonstrate a thorough knowledge of local issues and an understanding of project development and delivery. We also require an ability to think strategically and to demonstrate good communication skills.

We are keen to receive applications from people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences who can demonstrate an affinity for a country or region’s diverse heritage. We welcome applications from individuals with experience of engaging Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities and/or individuals with disabilities and/or young people in delivering projects or services.

For more information and how to apply
We’re hoping to hear from you! Further information on the committee member role and application materials are available on the Committee opportunities website. For an informal discussion contact the heads of our local offices listed below or email: decisionmakers@hlf.org.uk for general enquiries.

Completed applications must be received by noon Monday 29 September 2014.

Why join an HLF Committee?
Being a committee member presents an exciting and challenging opportunity for individuals with a strong commitment to our diverse heritage.
Committee members who will be standing down have said:

“My time with the Northern Ireland Committee has been truly inspiring. I was always a supporter of HLF’s work, but it was not until I became a member of the Committee that I fully realised the breadth, and depth, of the projects HLF supports. I found the staff, both in Belfast and the HLF Headquarters, wonderful to work with, full of passion, humour and dedication. The same is equally true of my fellow Committee members – great people to work with, and full of enthusiasm tempered by the objectivity necessary for robust decision taking. I shall miss the role greatly, but I’ll continue to follow HLF’s work and support for our heritage.”
Bob Brown

"I have found it very rewarding to work with the other members of the Wales committee and the staff in such a dynamic and positive atmosphere. It is a real opportunity to have an impact on the heritage of Wales and to act as a catalyst to attract more support and funding. I particularly like the broad interpretation of heritage which includes the landscapes, environment, language and culture and communities of Wales. It has been a privilege to see so many incredible projects and to meet the committed people who have made them such a success."
Carys Howell

"I have learnt such a lot about the potential of local heritage to transform peoples lives. HLF projects at their best tell the story of peoples lives in the East Midlands over hundreds of years and that has been a fantastic story to hear."
Jean MacIntyre

If you query is regarding our application portal, please contact our support team.