Getting up close and personal with Welsh history at St Fagans

Ros a Richard Bellamy yn cynorthwyo wrth gwblhau arddangosfa newydd.
Ros a Richard yn paratoi Sain Ffagan ar gyfer y dyfodol
During a recent visit to St Fagans National Museum of History, HLF Chief Executive Ros Kerslake and the Head of HLF in Wales, Richard Bellamy, helped put some finishing touches to a new display.

Thanks to National Lottery players, St Fagans - one of Europe’s biggest open-air museums - is currently undergoing the most significant redevelopment project in its history, having received £12.5million; the largest grant ever given by HLF in Wales.

Now entering the final stages of its exciting Making History project, St Fagans near Cardiff in South Wales is preparing to welcome visitors to the gallery in its brand new Gweithdy building. Opening in October, the gallery will celebrate the creative skills of generations of craftspeople who have helped shape the Wales we know today.

[quote=Joan Smith, National Lottery player]"It's good to know that my ticket also helps support great things like this across Wales..."[/quote]

National Lottery player Joan Smith, from Efail Isaf near Cardiff, helped Ros and Richard get St Fagans ready by returning some historic items to the new gallery. She regularly visits St Fagans with a friend to walk her dogs, and is glad to know her plays are having such a big impact on a project close to her heart:

“Of course it’d be absolutely fantastic if I won the National Lottery! But if I don’t, it’s still good to know that my ticket also helps support great things like this across Wales and the UK.”

The money raised by National Lottery ticket sales has already helped St Fagans update its main visitor centre and restaurant, as well as re-create other important historic buildings from throughout Wales’s past, like Iron Age farmstead, Bryn Eryr, which opened to visitors in 2016.

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