7 things to do in the South West

Children standing in front of Concorde
Imagine travelling faster than the speed of sound at Aerospace Bristol
Thanks to National Lottery players, we have funded a dazzling array of projects across the South West of England. From a Concorde ride (nearly) to a spooky 18th-century mine, add these to your must-visit list.

Tour a tor

Step off the beaten path at Dartmoor National Park. This unique landscape is brimming with granite tors, deep wooded valleys, fast-flowing rivers, and rugged, wide-open spaces. You might even stumble upon an ancient stone circle.

Take a seat on board Concorde

The incredible Concorde could rip across the Atlantic in under three hours. Her passengers would marvel at the curvature of the Earth and look up at a blue-black sky as they sipped Champagne on the edge of space. This icon of 1960s design and engineering is now on display at National Lottery-funded Aerospace Bristol.

Marvel at golden treasures

In 2002, excavations for a new school uncovered a fabulous grave containing the oldest gold and bronze items ever found in Britain. It was the last resting place of the mysterious Amesbury Archer, who lived more than 2,000 years BC. Witness his incredible hoard at Salisbury Museum.

Go down the mine

Descend into an 18th-century mine and experience the underground life of a miner - including panning for precious metals. Geevor Tin Mine was Cornwall’s last working mine, not closing until 1990.

Peek behind the scenes at Exeter City Football club

Footie fans (whether they support the Grecians or not) can take a stadium tour of this historic football club's grounds. See the players’ changing rooms, the boardroom and the security hub, and explore 100-plus years of history, thanks to National Lottery funds.

Visit the courthouse which inspired Tess of D'Urbervilles

Explore the 200-year-old courtroom and cells at Shire Hall Dorchester. This historic court house saw both adults and children face justice - including the 1856 domestic abuse case that inspired Thomas Hardy's Tess of the D’Urbervilles.

Take in Bristol’s music scene

Go to a gig at Trinity Centre, a church building turned arts centre, in East Bristol. While you are in the city tune into Ujima Radio on Bristol Community radio station which showcases African and Caribbean music.