Cultures and memories

A large artwork of the moon hanging in Ely Cathedral
Museum of the Moon by Luke Jerram is 6m in diameter and shows the moon’s surface using stunning NASA imagery. Credit: James Billings.


Discover the pioneering woman scientist who mapped the moon

Mary Blagg is being celebrated by her hometown with activities to get people interested in her story and scientific heritage.
Life-sized statue of a woman in a small, landscaped garden
More than a cell – statue of Henrietta Lacks (1920-1951) by Helen Wilson-Roe in Royal Fort Garden, Bristol. Photo: Bhagesh Sachania Photography.


Bringing Henrietta Lacks’ story to life in Bristol

Explore how the University of Bristol is spotlighting Henrietta’s controversial contribution to medicine and inspiring future scientists.
A group of children posing for a photograph, some holding family objects
Children at a workshop held during the project.


Cocorico! Exploring the heritage in our homes

A Congolese community organisation in Swansea brought people together to learn about and share their heritage through personal items.
A black and white photograph of four nurses in uniform.
A photograph from the archives.


Three projects that celebrate 75 years of the NHS

From oral histories to archive collections, we’ve awarded over £980,000 to three projects that record and preserve memories of our National Health Service (NHS), for use now and in the future.
Two people smiling and standing in front of a museum entrance
Heritage Fund colleagues Mwiche and Alisha at the David Livingstone Birthplace


A brave new tribute to a famous Victorian explorer

How an independent museum in Scotland is preserving and re-examining the legacy of the nation’s most renowned explorer and anti-slavery campaigner
Pride march 1974
Pride march, 1974. Credit: Wikimedia


Saving LGBTQ+ stories before they are lost forever

A new Heritage Fund project might be the last chance to capture the experiences of LGBTQ+ people in Manchester who remember life before the Sexual Offences Act 1967.
Professor Uzo Iwobi stood outside


Celebrating a heritage hero, Uzo Iwobi OBE

Page last updated: 13 July 2022 Swansea resident Uzo Iwobi has provided an outstanding contribution to heritage in her 30 years living in Wales. Among her many achievements, Uzo founded two charities: Race Council Cymru and the African Community Centre. She is the Specialists Advisor for Equality to

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