View of Norwich
Jodrell Bank telescope


First Light at Jodrell Bank

Playing an internationally important role in the heritage of astronomy, Jodrell Bank is the single surviving site that shows the whole story of the invention of radio astronomy right through the space age.

The Cathedral in Lincoln


Lincoln Cathedral Connected

Lincoln Cathedral is one of the finest, and largest, cathedrals in northern Europe. This, added to its unique hilltop location, makes it one of the most visible buildings in the UK.

Kew Gardens Temperate House


The Temperate House Project

The Temperate House project focused on the restoration of an iconic heritage building and a historic architectural gem.

The Piece Hall courtyard
The Piece Hall courtyard Iain Denby


The Piece Hall - Halifax Heritage

The Piece Hall in Halifax has been transformed into a nationally recognisable heritage asset.

The Victorian theatre at Alexandra Palace
The restored Victorian theatre at Alexandra Palace


Alexandra Palace: Reclaiming the People's Palace

The project transformed the eastern end of The People’s Palace, following its founders’ original vision to “entertain, inform and educate”.

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