Project enquiry form: £10,000-£250,000

This project enquiry form is a good way of getting feedback from us before you start work on a full application. This is only a copy of the form.

To submit, please complete the form on our application portal.


  • Name of your organisation
  • Project reference number
  • Project Title (please choose a title which you think best describes your project)
  • Date submitted

Section one - your organisation

  • 1a. Name and address of your organisation
    • Address line 2
    • Address line 3
    • Town / city
    • County
    • Postcode
  • 1b. Is the address of your project the same as the address of your organisation?
  • 1c. Details of main contact person
    • Name
    • Position
    • Is the address of the main contact person the same as the address in 1a?
  • Daytime phone number, including area code
  • Alternative phone number
  • Tell us about any particular communication needs this contact has. Please note that there is a limit of 50 words for this question.
  • For projects based in Wales, which language should we use to communicate with the main contact?
    • English
    • Welsh
    • Both (Bilingual)
  • 1d. Legal status of your organisation
  • Please select one of the following:  1e. Do you consider your organisation's mission and objectives to be: (please select the options that apply)
    • Black or minority ethnic-led
    • Disability-led
    • LGBT+-led
    • Female-led
    • Young people-led
    • (And in Northern Ireland only:)
  • 1f. Where did you hear about us? Please pick from list or specify below.
  • 1g. Have you previously talked to anyone in our Development Team about your project idea?

Section two - project proposal

  • 2a. Please tell us about your project. In particular, please try to cover:
    • Heritage focus
    • What will the project do (capital work and activities)
    • What programme outcomes you are hoping to achieve
    • Why you want to do this project (what is the need and demand)
    • Who will be involved in the project
    • Timescales (including likely start and end dates)
    • (This section of the form has a total word count of 800 words. Please note that dashes in the text count as whole words.)
  • 2b. How much is your project likely to cost? If you know, tell us what the major costs are likely to be. Please note that there is a limit of 250 words for this question.
  • 2c. How much are you likely to ask for from us?

Section three - submission

Your local team may wish to use your email to send you invitations to workshops or events they are running for potential applicants, or other useful information about our grant programmes. Please tick this box if you would like to receive this information by email. You can unsubscribe at any time.

When we receive this form, we aim to contact you within 10 working days.