Project Enquiry Form: £10,000 to £250,000

Note for applicants

We’ve published the first three-year delivery plan for our new 10-year strategy, Heritage 2033. It includes details about our budgets and priorities, and forthcoming changes to National Lottery Grants for Heritage. 

Please note: project enquiry forms and applications for grants from £10,000–£250,000 under our current Strategic Funding Framework are now temporarily closed, reopening in January with new Heritage 2033 guidance.

Project Enquiry Form: £10,000 to £250,000

Submitting a Project Enquiry Form to our National Lottery Grants for Heritage £10,000 to £250,000 funding programme.

Before submitting

The Project Enquiry Form is a great way to get feedback and advice from us before you start work on a full application to this programme.

It is an optional step and does not form part of the formal application process. You can progress to application at any time. 

The feedback you will receive from your Project Enquiry Form is designed to help you develop a project that is in line with:

Please refer to both of these before submitting a form.

You can also see the Project Enquiry Form questions by scrolling to the bottom of this page or by downloading the PDF from this page. 

How to submit

When you are ready, please complete the form on our application portal.

Before submitting, you will need to register an account for yourself and for the organisation you are applying for.

Hearing back from us

Once you have submitted a form a member of your local Engagement team will contact you within 10 working days.

Depending on the nature of your project and the information you provide, we may give you feedback via email or arrange to speak to you. 

Our advice may include:

  • whether we are the appropriate funder for your project
  • what areas you may want to develop further to ensure your project meets our outcomes strongly
  • how you can strengthen the heritage focus of your project

Project Enquiry Form questions

Have you spoken to anyone at The Fund about your idea?

If so, tell us their name.

What is the need for this project?

For example, is there a risk of loss to your heritage? Or, is there an opportunity to tie in with an anniversary or commemoration? Tell us about any research you have done with your audience. You have 200 words.

Describe what you will do during the project

Include any tasks you have to do to achieve the project goal. You have 200 words remaining.

Do you have a title for the project?

This can be changed at any time. Don't worry if the project does not have a title yet, you can leave this blank.

Tell us about the heritage of the project

Include who it is important to and why. You have 100 words.

What outcomes do you want to achieve?

An outcome is a result of what your project does. Tell us which of our 9 outcomes you plan to achieve. You have 200 words.

Who will be involved in the project?

Tell us about who will run the project, any partnerships and if people will volunteer on the project. You have 100 words.

How long do you think the project will take?

Tell us an estimated start and end date if you have them. You have 50 words.

How much is the project likely to cost?

If you know, tell us about the most important costs. These costs can be estimated. You have 200 words.

How much funding are you planning to apply for from us?

£[enter amount]