Expression of Interest: above £250,000

Completing an Expression of Interest (EOI) is a mandatory first step to start an application for a grant of £250,000 and above. The information you share will help us understand if your heritage project is something we can fund. 

We will use the information you provide to decide whether to ask you to submit a development phase application.

An invitation to apply does not guarantee a grant from us in the future but does indicate that we see potential in your initial proposals. 

If you are successful, your EOI approval will remain valid for 12 months and a development phase application will need to be submitted within this time. 

This is a copy of the questions. To submit an Expression of Interest sign in to apply 


  1. About you
  2. Expression of Interest

About you 

  • full name 
  • telephone number 
  • date of birth 
  • tell us about any communication needs you have 
  • for projects based in Wales, which language should we use to communicate with you? 
  • your address 

Expression of Interest

  • What type of organisation will be running your project? 
    • registered charity
    • local authority 
    • other public sector organisation 
    • registered company 
    • Community Interest Company 
    • faith-based organisation 
    • church organisation 
    • community group 
    • voluntary group 
    • individual private owner of heritage 
    • other 
  • Enter your organisation address details 
    • organisation name 
    • organisation address  
  • Tell us about the mission, or objectives, of your organisation. Select all that apply.
    • black or minority ethnic led 
    • disability led 
    • LGBT+ led 
    • female led 
    • young people led 
    • mainly led by people from Catholic communities
    • mainly led by people from Protestant communities 
  • Have you spken to anyone at The Fund about your idea? If so, tell us their name.  
  • Describe what you will do during the project. Include any tasks you have to do to achieve the project goal. Please note there is a limit of 200 words for this question.  
  • Do you have a title for the project? This can be changed at any time. Don't worry if the project does not yet have a title, you can leave this blank.   
  • What outcomes do you want to achieve? An outcome is a result of what your project does. Tell us which of our nine outcomes you plan to achieve. Please note there is a limit of 200 words for this question.   
  • Tell us about the heritage of the project. Include who it is important to and why. Please note there is a limit of 100 words for this question. 
  • What is the need for this project? What work have you done that shows the potential benefits of the project? Please note there is a limit of 200 words for this question. 
  • How long do you think the project will take? Tell us an estimated start and end date if you have them. Please note there is a limit of 50 words for this question. 
  • How much is the project likely to cost? If you know, tell us about the most important costs. These costs can be estimated. Please note there is a limit of 200 words for this question. 
  • How much funding are you planning to apply for from us? 
  • When are you likely to submit a funding application, if asked to do so? Please note there is a limit of 50 words for this question.