Culture Recovery Fund for Heritage logo and acknowledgement requirements

Culture Recovery Fund for Heritage logo and acknowledgement requirements

The Culture Recovery Fund for Heritage is jointly delivered by The National Lottery Heritage Fund and Historic England using funds provided by DCMS.
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We understand that the past few years have been a challenging time for many organisations, but we would really like it if you could help spread the word and acknowledge receipt of your Culture Recovery Fund for Heritage (CRF) grant. The information on this page will help you to do this.

Share your news

As part of your CRF grant, you may be looking to acknowledge your funding through press releases, on social media and by displaying our partnership logo.

If you are referencing your grant in narrative (in press releases, on your website or on social media), please use the line:

This project is funded by the Culture Recovery Fund for Heritage. The Culture Recovery Fund is being delivered by The National Lottery Heritage Fund and Historic England, using funds provided by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

Sharing on social media

If possible and where space allows, please tag DCMS, The National Lottery Heritage Fund and Historic England in your posts.


  • @DCMS
  • @HeritageFundUK
  • @HistoricEngland


  • @dcmsgovuk
  • @HeritageFundUK
  • @HistoricEngland


  • @dcmsgovuk
  • @NationalLotteryHeritageFund
  • @HistoricEngland

Our hashtags

  • #CultureRecoveryFund
  • #HereForCulture


Using great pictures will give your posts the best chance of gaining attention. Use anything that shows the value of the great work you do.

Using our logo

You can download our logo and use it anywhere where people can clearly see it.

Logo artwork

CRF is supported using public funds and joint delivered by The National Lottery Heritage Fund and Historic England. When using our logo, please use it in its entirety to ensure this funding and delivery relationship is maintained.

There are three versions of our logo available:

  • full colour
  • white (to be used on dark-coloured backgrounds)
  • black (to be used where full colour is not possible).

Print (eps) and screen (png) versions of each logo are available.

Large acknowledgement

For larger acknowledgement materials – for example on the side of a building – please make sure the logo is big enough to be clearly visible from a distance of five metres.

Minimum size

The minimum size refers to the whole width of the logo lock-up. To make sure the logo lock-up is clear and legible, the minimum size the logo lock-up should appear is 108mm in print and 306px on screen.

Exclusion zone

The exclusion zone ensures the logo is not compromised by other elements and helps it stand out. The following is a minimum clearance area. Whenever possible, leave more space around the logo than the exclusion zone.

The height and width of the clear space is set by the width of the royal crest in the DCMS logo.


The logo must only be reproduced in black, white or the full colour version on these pages.

Please do not use the logo in pink, gold, grey or any other colour not specified here.

Acknowledging DCMS #HereforCulture

We encourage CRF recipients to celebrate the resilience of the sector through the pandemic by publicly displaying the Culture Recovery Fund plaque that was sent out to you. In addition – alongside continuing to join in with the #HereforCulture hashtag – you could:

  • display a digital plaque on your website and social media profiles
  • print your own bespoke plaque using the provided design principles

The digital plaques are available to download below:

Any questions or concerns about digital plaques should be directed to the DCMS CRF enquiries mailbox:

If you query is regarding our application portal, please contact our support team.