Guidance for grantees on sanctions against Russia

Guidance for grantees on sanctions against Russia

What you need to know about complying with your grant contract and the government’s sanctions regime.

As part of its response to the crisis in Ukraine, the UK government has agreed a number of economic sanctions across multiple individuals and interests linked to Russia. Find the most up-to-date guidance on the economic sanctions against Russia.

It is a term of grant contracts across all our funding programmes (both for National Lottery grants and programmes that we have administered on behalf of others) that grantees must follow all legislation and regulations that apply to their project. This includes the current economic sanctions against Russia. We expect all grantees to comply with and follow the government guidance and legislation as detailed above. Organisations should carry out their own due diligence on any funds, contracts or individuals connected to Russia.

If your project is affected by these sanctions, please contact your Investment Manager or local office. We reserve the right to withhold grant payments if we consider public funds are at risk.

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