European Union exit guidance

European Union exit guidance

We've pulled together some useful links to help heritage organisations to prepare for the UK’s exit from the European Union.

It is important that heritage organisations assess the risks and opportunities related to Brexit, so that they can prepare as well as possible for a range of outcomes.


DCMS guidance

Guidance for heritage, arts and culture organisations to prepare for no deal Brexit.

EU exit – what you need to know, Scotland

Provides information and guidance to help prepare for EU exit, including a 'no deal' situation.

Preparing Wales

The Welsh Government has created a new website, Preparing Wales, which includes range of information and advice for organisations on the implications of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit.

Invest Northern Ireland

A one-stop resource of best practice guides, information advice and support available from Invest NI to help businesses to prepare for Brexit.

NCVO Brexit Factsheet

A factsheet setting out the main Brexit considerations for voluntary organisations in the UK as well as practical steps they can take to prepare for the post-Brexit environment.

Getting Brexit Ready - A Guide for Small to Large Third Sector Organisations in Wales

A guide intended to help civil society organisations in Wales assess the risks of Brexit and consider potential preparations.

Arts Council England EU Exit Guide

Provides information on Brexit for museums and libraries as well as the arts. It references a number of external sources.


European Union funding for England’s historic environment

Historic England commissioned Euclid to find out how much money from EU sources has been invested in England’s heritage between 2007 and 2016. The report concluded that heritage focussed or related projects received a minimum of £450m in EU funding during 2007-2016.

European Union funding for Scotland’s historic environment

Historic Environment Scotland commissioned this report to identify projects about or connected to heritage in Scotland that have received funding from the EU from 2007-16. The report estimates at least £36.8 million has been awarded to over 280 historic environment projects during 2007-2016.

European Union funding for the arts, museums and creative industries in England

Arts Council England commissioned a report to assess the European Union’s contribution to the arts, museums and creative industries in England. It found £345m was awarded between 2007-16, equating to £40m each year.

European Union funding for the cultural heritage in Scotland

Museums Galleries Scotland identifies EU funded projects focused on or linked to cultural heritage across the last ten years. The report estimates at least £5.6m has been awarded to the museums and galleries sector during 2007-2016.