What is the Landscape Partnerships community?

This space has been created specifically to connect people working on HLF Landscape Partnership projects (or thinking about working on one) to share knowledge, ask and answer questions, and connect with other people that you might not usually have access to, or easily be able to contact.This

Featured: Our community guidelines

Introduction The HLF Community is intended to be an inclusive and safe space for discussion and the sharing of knowledge related to the work that we, our grantees, and our partners deliver. We ask that all users read, understand, and follow these guidelines. Every time you use our Community you are

Changing your account and profile settings

What is 'My Account'? When you log in to the HLF website using the 'Log in /Register' link at the top of the site navigation, you'll find yourself on the 'My Account' page. This displays information related to your activity in the community discussion forums, along with your name and any profile

Tips on linking to websites and documents

Copying and pasting a URL to a website or specific web page will create a link on your post when it is published, but it's better (and looks much neater) to hyperlink a word or words, rather than pasting the full URL.Here's how to do this:Highlight the words you want to make clickable;Click the

Community subscriptions and notifications explained

Subscribing to community content To make sure that you stay updated on the HLF community content that you are interested in, you are automatically subscribed to any discussion that you engage with (ie anything that you reply to or add a comment on), as well as any discussions that you start. This

Forgotten (or need to change) your password?

Forgotten your password? If you’ve forgotten the password to your account then you can reset it by following these steps: Click ‘Log in / Register’ link at the top of this page (or any page on the website); Click on the ‘Request new password’ tab and enter the email address your account is

What does ‘Featured’ mean?

If you see a discussion title that is prefixed with the word ‘Featured’, this means that it has been flagged by an administrator as important, and will always appear at the top of the list of forum discussions. If you spot a discussion that you think should be 'featured' like this, let me know and I

Searching for community content and users

All of the content posted within the discussion forums is searchable within the main site search, and, if you are logged in, you can also search and look through the profiles of all of the community members. Here's how you do it... Searching the community You can use the main website search feature

Featured: How to use the forums

Not that familiar with using forums? No problem - here's a guide on how to use our community forums. If anything is missing, or you need any further detail, please let me know and I'll update this post accordingly. Anna What is ‘Our community’ in the website navigation? This is the hub of our

Landowner Agreement

Does anyone have an example of a 10 year management agreement we can get land and house owners to sign when work is being completed on their property?My email is shirley.paterson@pkht.org.uk.ThanksShirley