Planning for the future

Planning for the future

To help us plan for the future, we have been finding out what National Lottery players see as priorities for our funding.
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Our researchers held workshops with National Lottery players across the UK where participants shared their views on HLF funding. 

We have been listening to these views and will be using the results from the research, as well as other consultation work, to help us make decisions about how we work. We will be setting out what people can expect from us as a funder in a document called a strategic framework, which will launch in 2019.

The researchers asked the participants to talk about heritage and funding of heritage and share their ideas with others in the group. We’ve grouped what they talked about into five broad themes:

  1. Breadth of funding
  2. Heritage alleviating social issues
  3. The organisation being pro-active
  4. Involving the public in decision-making
  5. Raising awareness

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