Species Survival Fund decisions, February 2024

Species Survival Fund decisions, February 2024

Species Survival Fund decisions made by the Grant-in-Aid sub-board (a sub-set of Trustees) meeting on 7 February 2024.

The Species Survival Fund is a £25million competitive fund to support the creation and restoration of wildlife-rich habitats in England.

All projects would deliver habitat creation and restoration, ecosystem restoration and support species abundance at a landscape, catchment or local scale, either within or outside of protected sites.

Schedule of Decisions

#Species Stacking the Shire Brook Valley

Project reference: NL-23-00063

Applicant: Sheffield City Council

Decision: Award grant of £1,112,155


#Species Wet Willow Wildlife

Project reference: NL-23-00071

Applicant: The Lancashire Wildlife Trust Ltd

Decision: Award grant of £524,177


#Species Mid-Cornwall Moors recovery

Project reference: NL-23-00072

Applicant: Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Decision: Award grant of £647,655


#Species Bogs and Bittern: Somerset wetland restoration

Project reference: NL-23-00073

Applicant: Somerset Wildlife Trust

Decision: Award grant of £602,568


#Species Survival in Hertfordshire's Chalk Rivers

Project reference: NL-23-00074

Applicant: Hertfordshire & Middlesex Wildlife Trust Ltd

Decision: Award grant of £1,723,840


#Species Re:New Nature in the New Forest: saving species, restoring communities

Project reference: NL-23-00076

Applicant: New Forest National Park Authority

Decision: Award grant of £1,042,297


#Species Coastal and Wetlands: more, better, bigger, joined

Project reference: NL-23-00077

Applicant: Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

Decision: Award grant of £2,487,752


#Species Wetter for Waders: Enhancing Somerset's Coastal Wetlands

Project reference: NL-23-00079

Applicant: The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT)

Decision: Award grant of £810,857


#Species Partnerships for Nature in the North Wessex Downs AONB

Project reference: NL-23-00081

Applicant: Wiltshire Council (on behalf of the North Wessex Downs AONB)

Decision: Award grant of £1,559,636


#Species Making space for nature in Dorset

Project reference: NL-23-00082

Applicant: Dorset Wildlife Trust

Decision: Award grant of £1,120,791


#Species Ribble Revival: Room for Rivers

Project reference: NL-23-00084

Applicant: Ribble Catchment Conservation Trust Ltd

Decision: Award grant of £1,650,051


#Species Freshwater Renaissance

Project reference: NL-23-00088

Applicant: The National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty

Decision: Award grant of £2,978,449


#Species & Habitat Recovery in the Medlock Valley

Project reference: NL-23-00093

Applicant: Groundwork Greater Manchester

Decision: Award grant of £1,129,516


#Species Newcastle's Nature Networks

Project reference: NL-23-00094

Applicant: Urban Green Newcastle

Decision: Award grant of £701,417


#Species Northwest and Southwest Rainforest Restoration

Project reference: NL-23-00095

Applicant: The Woodland Trust

Decision: Award grant of £2,696,680


#Species Coastal Grasslands Reconnected

Project reference: NL-23-00097

Applicant: Durham County Council (on behalf of Durham Heritage Coast)

Decision: Award grant of £975,150


#Species Thriving in a Wilder Trent

Project reference: NL-23-00098

Applicant: Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

Decision: Award grant of £875,602


#Species Restoration of lost habitats for a Wild Peak

Project reference: NL-23-00100

Applicant: Derbyshire Wildlife Trust Limited

Decision: Award grant of £1,697,036


#Species Biodiversity Boost: A Journey to a Wilder Druridge

Project reference: NL-23-00101

Applicant: Northumberland Wildlife Trust Ltd

Decision: Award grant of £735,395


#Species Nature Rich Miterdale

Project reference: NL-23-00104

Applicant: University Of Leeds

Decision: Award grant of £299,476