Scotland: delegated decisions May 2024

Scotland: delegated decisions May 2024

Schedule of decisions under delegated powers for Scotland at The National Lottery Heritage Fund on 29 May 2024.

National Lottery Heritage Grants

World Cultural & Diversity Day WCDD 2.0 – Promoting the Intangible Heritages via Music and Food from Different Cultures to the Wider Community

Applicant: Safety Awareness Glasgow

Project description: This project aims to promote social cohesion within the diverse communities living in Govan through the sharing of their heritage of music and food.

Decision: Award grant of £30,335 (89% of total costs)

Lighting Up the Hynish Shore Station

Applicant: Hebridean Trust Limited

Project description: This resilience project seeks to employ two new full-time staff members to build organisational capacity and engage the community in the heritage associated with Hynish Shore Station and Skerryvore Lighthouse, in preparation for future capital repair works at Hynish Shore Station.

Decision:  Reject

Chancel and Organ Loft Roofs and East Window Refurbishment

Applicant: Holy Trinity & St Barnabas, Episcopal Church, Paisley

Project description: This project aims to deliver a programme of repair works which will focus on the dismantling, repair and restoration of the chancel and organ loft roof, and the maintenance and repair of the east chancel stained glass window, including repointing of surrounding stone work.

Decision:  Award Grant of £87,922

Ness of Brodgar: Past, Present and Future

Applicant: The Ness of Brodgar Trust

Project description: This 3-year post-excavation phase project seeks to ensure understanding and awareness of the important neolithic site at Ness of Brodgar and to promote and sustain engagement with it, both locally and globally.

Decision:  Award grant of £238,240

Conservation Building

Applicant: Kingdom of Fife Railway Preservation Society

Project description: This project aims to construct a building to house, protect and display KFRPS collection of historic railway vehicles.

Decision:  Reject

Grant increases

Linking and restoring the fragmented heritage of Granton Waterfront, Edinburgh

Applicant: The City of Edinburgh Council

Project description: An opportunity has arisen to increase engagement with underrepresented audiences in a cost-effective manner by funding some time for an additional community worker with well-established community connections, based in Granton hub.

Decision: Award Grant Increase of £3,258 to make a total grant of £29,658

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