Scotland: delegated decisions January 2024

Scotland: delegated decisions January 2024

Schedule of decisions under delegated powers for Scotland at The National Lottery Heritage Fund on 31 January 2024.

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

African's Mother Tongue

Applicant: Africa Future

Description: This project aims to teach UK-born children from major black minority ethnic groups the languages spoken where their families came from: Yoruba, a Nigerian language and Swahili, one of Kenya's official languages. This will ideally get the children to trace their roots back and have a link to their origins, helping them not to forget their cultures and heritage.

Decision: Award grant of £9,938 (100% of total costs)

Doon Valley Railway Shed Project

Applicant: Ayrshire Railway Preservation Group

Description: This project aims to secure funds to help with the first stage of rebuilding the museum and protecting the heritage of the coal mining communities.

Decision: Reject

Fierce Women+

Applicant: Kairos Women+

Description: This project seeks to discover and teach local women+ and visitors to Renfrewshire about women’s history.

Decision: Award grant of £126,453 (100% of total costs)

Maroon Mile: Celebrating our Community

Applicant: Foundation of Hearts Limited

Description: This 18-month project seeks to celebrate the social, economic and sporting history of Gorgie and Dalry, in Edinburgh, through a heritage trail on the ‘Maroon Mile’ between Haymarket Train Station and Tynecastle.

Decision: Award grant of £207,339 (91% of total costs)

Grassroots Heritage in Scotland

Applicant: Scottish Community Heritage Alliance

Description: This project aims to engage grassroots heritage and community organisations in networking, learning and mutual support opportunities, with the aim of strengthening the sector. Based on the Highland Heritage Day pilot held in March 2023, Scottish Community Heritage Alliance will host a series of roadshows to enable groups who often operate in isolation to come together and will provide thematic learning opportunities.

Decision: Award grant of £32,700 (52% of total costs)

Living History of Scottish Survivors

Applicant: Eighteen and Under

Description: This project seeks to record the history of the Scottish Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) Survivor Movement by recording the memories of those involved in the movement and carrying out research. It addresses the need to capture the oral histories before it’s too late, and the opportunity to raise awareness of the undocumented heritage of a marginalised group.

Decision: Award grant of £77,145 (100% of total costs)

History maker legends of South Asian Heritage in Scotland

Applicant: Networking Key Services Limited

Description: This project aims to engage individuals from the South Asian community in researching and celebrating significant figures from Scottish South Asian history.

Decision: Award grant of £97,100 (100% of total costs)

Treesons to Cheerful

Applicant: Viewpark Conservation Group

Description: This project seeks to enrich the lives of communities in areas of high multiple deprivation. It will offer the opportunity for a wide range of people to engage with their local nature and heritage through organised events and volunteering.

Decision: Award grant of £249,613 (100% of total costs)

Community Stories – Community Archives

Applicant: Scottish Council on Archives

Description:This project aims to give communities the skills and confidence to care for their local archives to a semi-professional standard, ensuring their safekeeping for the future.

Decision: Award grant of £139,830 (82% of total costs)

Outlanders – your home is, where your heart is

Applicant: Polish Association Aberdeen

Description: This project aims to create an outdoor exhibition in Cruickshank Botanic Garden in Aberdeen exploring the historic links between Poland and Scotland. The project will also involve the delivery of a lecture programme and school outreach events.

Decision: Reject

Caring Scotland: Oral Histories of Care Experienced People

Applicant: National Theatre of Scotland

Description: This project aims to record, share, and celebrate the stories of care experienced people in Scotland through a programme of engagement, the creation of a new audio-visual installation, and the launch of a new digital archive.

Decision: Award grant of £250,000 (77% of total costs)

Bringing our collections home

Applicant: Groam House Museum

Description: This project aims to create a new accessible store and provide a programme of engagement activities at Groam House Museum.

Decision: Award grant of £29,214 (56% of total costs)

No time to spare: responding to the Biodiversity and Climate Crises in Dumfries & Galloway

Applicant: Dumfries & Galloway Woodlands

Description: This project aims to increase the capacity of Dumfries & Galloway Woodlands and accelerate towards organisational sustainability.

Decision: Award grant of £194,190 (71% of total costs)

Birthlink Heritage Project

Applicant: Birthlink

Description: This project seeks to rescue and save the heritage of Birthlink, which are currently at risk, by cataloguing the collection of historic day books, from the year 1914 and onwards, digital products and artefacts and securing its long-term storage where relevant parts can be accessed by the public.

Decision: Award grant of £66,586 (100% of total costs)

Your Heritage in Focus

Applicant: North Lanarkshire Council

Description: This project aims to establish a stronger and better connected community heritage sector in North Lanarkshire.

Decision: Award grant of £250,000 (100% of total costs)

Canal Unlocked: Where Volunteers Make Waves

Applicant: Fountainbridge Canalside Community Trust

Description: This project aims to stimulate fresh engagement with the heritage of the Union Canal in the Fountainbridge area of Edinburgh through volunteer training, community events, new interpretation, and a relaunched website/app.

Decision: Award grant of £242,727 (98% of total costs)

A resilient future: for people, nature and our charity

Applicant: Scottish Seabird Centre

Description: This project aims to provide the capacity needed for the Scottish Seabird Centre to review operations, explore opportunities to strengthen sources of income, as well as providing the opportunity to begin to address requirements for environmental sustainability now and in the future.

Decision: Award grant of £249,685 (100% of total costs)

Shining a Light on our Heritage

Applicant: St Peter in Chains

Description: This project seeks to repair and restore St Peter’s in Chains church in Ardrossan and to provide a number of community engagement activities.

Decision: Reject

Na Dorsan

Applicant: Comunn Eachdraidh Nis

Description: This project aims to host a major exhibition, launching in April 2024, to mark the centenary of the re-settlement of the village of Galson.

Decision: Award grant of £6,736 (82% of total costs)

X Class Dinghy Restoration

Applicant: Findhorn Village Heritage Centre

Description: This project aims to restore an original X class boat and to create a video and photographic record of the project.

Decision: Award grant of £9,480 (100% of total costs)

Art Deco Southside Alive!

Applicant: South Glasgow Heritage and Environment Trust

Description: This project seeks to highlight the design innovations and stories behind the Southside's iconic and lesser-known Art Deco and Streamline Moderne buildings and frontages, from Weir Pumps to the Luma Light Bulb Factory, Cumbrae House to Queen's Park Café. The project will cast fresh light on this historic era of design through the present-day prism of community, creative and sustainability perspectives.

Decision: Award grant of £4,910 (50% of total costs)

The Golspie Fishertown Project

Applicant: Archaeology for Communities in the Highlands (ARCH)

Description: This project aims to focus on the local heritage of Golspie Fishertown, a community which was the basis for the origin of the modern layout of Golspie village and the home of an industry which was pivotal to the village for over 100 years.

Decision: Award grant of £9,900 (100% of total costs)

Aberlour Heritage Trail and Memories Archive

Applicant: Aberlour Community Association SCIO

Description: This project aims to create a gold plaque Heritage Trail and Folk Memories Archive in Aberlour.

Decision: Award grant of £3,928 (83% of total costs)

Care Experience History Month 2024

Applicant: Who Cares? Scotland

Description: This project aims to enable Who Cares? Scotland to engage with writers, thinkers and historians to expand understanding of Care Experience as an identity throughout Scottish history, for next year’s Care Experience History Month (CEHM).

Decision: Award grant of £9,550.00 (100% of total costs)

Words in hand: the Edinburgh BSL Project and Mary Brennan Archive

Applicant: University Of Edinburgh

Description: This project aims to digitise a historic collection of recordings made from the 1980s to early 2000s concerning deaf heritage and the development of British Sign Language (BSL) as a recognised language in its own right.

Decision: Award grant of £9,825 (100% of total costs)

Grant increases

Resubmission – Restoration of the Elyza Fraser Mausoleum

Applicant: North East Scotland Preservation Trust

Description: North East Scotland Preservation Trust is requesting a grant increase due to an unexpected shortfall in partnership funding which has prevented the project starting.

Decision: Award Grant Increase of £19,500 to make a total grant of £99,746

Penicuik Heritage Regeneration

Applicant: Midlothian Council

Description: A grant increase is requested to enable completion of five shopfronts. The project has seen significant cost increases due to the volatile external environment.

Decision: Award Grant Increase of £40,000 to make a total grant of £1,864,400