Scotland: delegated decisions February 2024

Scotland: delegated decisions February 2024

Schedule of decisions under delegated powers for Scotland at The National Lottery Heritage Fund on 28 February 2024.

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

Northern Meeting Park, Inverness – community heritage interpretation project

Applicant: High Life Highland

Project description: This engagement-focused project seeks to make the heritage of the Northern Meeting Park more visible, and richer. By including the local community in the research and development of interpretation for the soon-to-be redeveloped Park, the project will teach new skills as well as making the stories of the Park and its users more readily available.

Decision: Award Grant £120,049 (100% of total project costs)

Dunfermline's Railway Story

Applicant: Shed47 Railway Restoration Group

Project description: The project aims to enhance the museum visitor experience and display artefacts currently hidden from public view for the majority of the six-month 2024 open season. More detailed interpretation and an improved display area will also be created.

Decision: Reject

Black, Outdoors and Mentally Well

Applicant: Black Scottish Adventurers CIC

Project description: This project aims to take 200-300 ethnic minority Scots on three adventure hikes through the Cairngorms National Park, supported by a project coordinator and 10 volunteers.

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100% of total project costs)

Stained Glass Window Project – Youth Group at Errogie Church

Applicant: Stratherrick and Foyers Community Trust Ltd

Project description: The project will directly involve the community and young people in how the interior of the former free church heritage building could look, alongside the South Loch Ness Heritage Group and an artistic facilitator. The heritage group and local artist will support on a design for a new themed stained-glass window, drawing inspiration from the historic significance of the building and surroundings.

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (53% of total project costs)

Standing Under the Shadows

Applicant: Radnor Park Multis Tenants & Residents Association

Project description: The Radnor Park Multi-Storey Flats in Clydebank were built 60 years ago in 1963 and to this day, 11 original tenants continue to live in their flats. This project aims to preserve the history and traditions of our community by recruiting a professional oral history storyteller to train volunteers to record and share the stories and reminiscences of our older members of the community. These personal accounts provide a unique insight into the way of life, traditions, and events that shaped our community over time.

Decision: Award Grant of £9,637 (100% of total project costs)

Hidden Heritage: cultural and natural heritage at Torry Battery

Applicant: Greyhope Bay Limited

Project description: This project aims to develop three guides which would teach visitors about flowers and birds specific to the Torry Battery area and the historic monument itself. The guides will be created in partnership with community members. The development of multiple guides will enable visitors to engage with the heritage that interests them most, while also encouraging them to explore other heritage aspects of the site.

Decision: Award Grant of £9,200 (100% of total project costs)

Kirkliston Gala Centenary Celebration

Applicant: Kirkliston Children's Gala Day Committee

Project description: This project will organise an exhibition in the local community centre, bringing the history of 100 years of Gala celebrations to life through a collection of memorabilia including costumes, programmes, photographs, film, songs and activities.

Decision: Award Grant of £8,500 (100% of total project costs)

Victorian Horticultural Shows

Applicant: Dunoon Burgh Hall Trust

Project description: This project will commemorate the 150th Anniversary of Dunoon Burgh Hall with a creative heritage engagement programme for the community.  Research areas will include learning about the Victorian plant collectors from Benmore Botanic Garden, which is renowned for its fine collections of rhododendrons and conifers and the Victorian Fernery which dates to the 1870s.

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (95% of total project costs)

Antonine Garden Centurion Sculpture

Applicant: Milngavie in Bloom

Project description: This project aims to erect a sculpture of a Roman Centurion in the Antonine Garden, Milngavie.

Decision: Reject

Scotdec A' Adam's Bairns? Music Project

Applicant: Scottish Development Education Centre

Project description: Working with teachers, musicians and young people in Scotland, this project will reach out to those who don’t see themselves reflected in the music of the schools’ curriculum or the more visible traditions of Scottish music.

Decision: Award Grant of £9,940 (100% of total project costs)

Our Heritage

Applicant: Jambo! Radio CIC

Project description: This project aims to provide opportunities for young people of African heritage 10+ to learn about the heritage sector through a programme of visits to museums and heritage attractions, and a series of knowledge building events for young people of African and Caribbean communities in Scotland. It also aims to produce a series of heritage-themed radio programmes developed by the young participants and broadcast on Jambo! Radio to promote inclusion and involve a wider range of people.

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100% of total project costs)

Refugee Festival Scotland 2024

Applicant: Scottish Refugee Council

Project description: The project aims to run the Refugee Festival Scotland, now entering its 24th year in 2024. The annual celebration, this year embracing the theme 'rise,' showcases the diverse expressions of refugee experiences through food, music, poetry, dance, and visual art and helps more people from more backgrounds the opportunity to experience millennia of Scottish culture.

Decision: Award Grant of £9,876 (7% of total project costs)

Grant Increases

#FIRNS Dreel Burn Investment Readiness

Applicant: Fife Coast and Countryside Trust

Project description: Fife Coast and Countryside Trust are requesting a grant percentage increase due to development activity having been included in proposals which had taken place prior to the project being awarded and therefore not being eligible costs.

Decision: Agree change in grant percentage from 55% to 76.88%

Riverwoods: A Blueprint for Riparian Woodland Recovery

Applicant: The Scottish Wildlife Trust

Project description: The Scottish Wildlife Trust are requesting a development phase grant increase to extend their development phase timetable, which will result in increased staff costs and professional fees.

Decision: Award Grant Increase of £10,907 to make a total grant of £396,007

Discovery Point Transformed - A new centre for Antarctic heritage, environment and learning

Applicant: Dundee Industrial Heritage Limited

Project description: Dundee Heritage Trust are currently navigating a range of complex issues to ensure the organisation can continue to care for the assets in their charge. A grant increase will enable an intensive programme of development over nine months to undertake remaining work and mitigate risks.   

Decision: Award Grant Increase of £250,000 to make a total grant of £566,500, Agree change in grant percentage from 90% to 84%