Scotland: Committee decisions, March 2024

Scotland: Committee decisions, March 2024

Schedule of decisions for The National Lottery Heritage Fund Committee for Scotland meeting on 5 March 2024.

SFF Development round applications

Longhope Lifeboat Museum – Development & Restoration

Applicant: Longhope Lifeboat Museum Trust

Project description: To secure the long-term future of the independent maritime museum and its collection, complete with vintage lifeboat and launch slipway, on the southern tip of Hoy in the south of the Orkney Islands.

Decision: Award development grant of £224,800 (87% of total project costs) and potential delivery grant of £855,240 (57% of total project costs)

Cellardyke and beyond: The Manx Beauty

Applicant: The Cellardyke Trust [SCIO]

Project description: To rebuild and restore the Manx Beauty, a two ring net herring fishing boat originally built in Cellardyke in 1936. The project seeks to foster traditional heritage skills through boatbuilding apprenticeship and a learning programme for local secondary school students and members of the community experiencing unemployment, mental and physical health challenges and addiction.

Decision: Award development grant of £84,856 (86% of total project costs) and potential delivery grant of £1,202,038 (82% of total project costs)

Leanchoil – Growing Wellbeing from Heritage

Applicant: Leanchoil Trust

Project description: This Heritage Enterprise project aims to bring the Leanchoil Hospital in Forres, Moray, back into public use as a mixed-purpose health and wellbeing facility within a site-wide masterplan.

Decision: Award development grant of £93,650 (45% of total project costs) and potential delivery grant of £1,365,584 (27% of total project costs)

Cairngorms Cranes

Applicant: SCOTLAND: The Big Picture

Project description: To use the reintroduction of cranes to the Cairngorms National Park as an engagement tool to inspire a wider range and greater number of people to engage with rewilding, with a particular focus on promoting the positive impacts of wetland restoration and expansion.

Decision: Award development grant of £30,492 (100% of total project costs) and potential delivery grant of £1,384,502 (90% of total project costs)

SFF Delivery round applications

Refiring The Pipe Factory

Applicant: Friends of The Pipe Factory CIC

Project description: To redevelop the category B listed former pipe factory building on the edge of the Barras market in Calton in the east end of Glasgow – an area of high socio-economic need. The focus of the project will be the development of a sustainable and accessible historic building.

Decision: Award grant of £1,681,836 (43% of total project costs)

Grant Increases

Rothesay Pavilion

Applicant: Argyll and Bute Council

Project description: This redevelopment project has faced challenges throughout its lifespan. The widespread construction sector challenges following the pandemic and other external pressures have been further compounded on this project by contractor insolvency and the island location. A grant increase would be used towards the increased project costs.

Decision: Award grant increase of £1,200,000

Paisley Museum Re-Imagined

Applicant: Renfrewshire Council

Project description: Over the last two years, the project has continued to experience significant challenges due to the nature of the large and complex historic site. The majority of financial consequences of the delays are being met by Renfrewshire Council; however, they have requested a grant increase solely to cover increased staff costs.

Decision: Award grant Increase of £496,948

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