England, North: delegated decisions October 2023

England, North: delegated decisions October 2023

Schedule of decisions under delegated powers for England, North at The National Lottery Heritage Fund on 3 October 2023.

National Lottery Grants for Heritage


Bridgefield Mill Heritage Week

Applicant: Project Colt 

Project Description: This project will celebrate National Heritage Week through the running of activities at Bridgefield Mill.

Decision: Award grant of £9,962 (100%)


Skill for Life Centre 

Applicant: Poverty Solution Foundation 

Project Description: Workshops exploring cultural traditions with focus on Afro-Caribbean hair and African languages (Yoruba and Igbo), hair-making skills sessions, African language classes and activities encouraging engagement with Black History Month.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (100%)


Nature's Impact: building resilience through monitoring and evaluation at Cheshire Wildlife Trust 

Applicant: The Cheshire Wildlife Trust Limited 

Project Description: The project will help towards monitoring wildlife conservation of Cheshire Wildlife Trust, through delivering workshops and activities.

Decision: Award grant of £9,970 (100%)


Close Knit

Applicant: DIY Theatre Community Interest Company

Project Description: The project will focus on textiles, creating workshops and a celebration event for adults with learning disabilities.

Decision: Award grant of £9,870 (100%)


Sharing Memories Through the Generations

Applicant: The Smith Brothers Foundation 

Project Description: The project involves connecting younger and older generations, through interviews and creating a book based on memories.

Decision: Award grant of £9,970 (100%)


Bestiaries and Herbaria 

Applicant: Northern Print Studio Limited 

Project Description: Through collaboration with various artists, this project will create 40 prints about endangered species, culminating in an exhibition in Northern Print’s gallery.

Decision: Award grant of £9,700 (100%)


Forest area/outdoor learning development 

Applicant: St Bernard's RC Primary School Manchester 

Project Description: This project will redevelop an area of neglected forest, making it useable for forest school activities and outside learning for school children.

Decision: Award grant of £7,500 (100%)


Myek Do Hinny

Applicant: Blossoming Communities CIC 

Project Description: Through training volunteers and conducting interviews, a book about the history of coal mining communities in Northumberland will be created and shared with local schools and libraries.

Decision: Award Grant of £10,900 (92%)


Restoration of Stained Glass Window

Applicant: The Parochial Church Council of The Ecclesiastical Parish of St James', Clitheroe

Project Description: To repair a stained-glass window.

Decision: Reject


St Thomas, Stockport – Emergency Repairs (sagging cornice)

Applicant: The Parochial Church Council of Stockport and Brinnington

Project Description: To restore the cornice stone of St Thomas Church.

Decision: Reject


Tyldesley Cemetery Chapel Community Feasibility Project

Applicant: For Tyldesley CIC

Project Description: Looking into the feasability of bringing Tyldesley Cemetery Chapel back into use.

Decision: Reject


Heritage garden including monument to celebrate life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II 

Applicant: Brighten Ryton Local Environment Group 

Project Description: To create a garden providing information boards about the history of Ryton, and a monument for Elizabeth II.

Decision: Reject


Newport East Yorkshire WW1 Memorial Clock 

Applicant: Newport Parish Council 

Project Description: The project is for the automation of the Town clock.

Decision: Reject


EcoGPX Ilkley

Applicant: Intercultural Roots for Public Health

Project Description: To provide a digital learning tool to encourage engagement with the environment and learn about local heritage.

Decision: Reject


Pinto Community Art – 'Our World on Our Doorstep' 

Applicant: Pinto Community Art CIC 

Project Description: To offer painting and drawing workshops focussing on nature and the four seasons.

Decision: Reject


Using Immersive technology (AR/VR) to stop violence against immigrants Community 

Applicant: Teesside University 

Project Description: This project will use VR and AR to create immersive simulations of marginalized communities.

Decision: Reject


Motherhood in African culture (the MIAF) oral history project 

Applicant: Let Us Bloom Together CIC 

Project Description: Let Us Bloom Together (LUBT) will bring together ethnically diverse communities in Liverpool to explore and share the heritage of cultural practices of African women around motherhood.

Decision: Award grant of £57,035 (100%)


Civic Dining Room (Working Title) – Co-Curation Project 

Applicant: Rochdale Boroughwide Cultural Trust 

Project Description: The project will transform how Touchstones works with heritage by shifting from traditional emphasis of object-based heritage, to one of live and shifting cultures.

Decision: Award grant of £249,999 (77%)


Hibiscus Rising: Celebrating Heritage through Community Engagement 

Applicant: Leeds City Council 

Project Description: The project will commemorate the story of David Oluwale and the heritage of Nigerian and African Diaspora communities through a celebration event, activities and workshops.

Decision: Award grant of £48,588 (73%)


Create North East Lincolnshire – Heritage

Applicant: North East Lincolnshire Council

Project Description: The project will focus on encouraging quality engagement with local heritage in north east Lincolnshire.

Decision: Award grant of £250,000 (36%)


Adders Up 

Applicant: Durham County Council 

Project Description: This three-year project will record the current adder population in the North area as well as promote the important of the native species through an engagement programme.

Decision: Award grant of £250,000 (83%)


What the Sea Saw

Applicant: Digital Drama CIC

Project Description: This 15-month project will document and share the heritage of fishing and the Lifeboat Service around Scarborough and Staithes.

Decision: Award grant of £68,745 (97%)


The History of Live Theatre at 50

Applicant: Mylife Productions 2013 CIC 

Project Description: This 14-month project will engage young people to research and record the 50-year history of Live Theatre (LT) in Newcastle centre.  

Decision: Reject


Feel the Green – Reconnecting with Nature

Applicant: Earth Sea Love Community Interest Company 

Project Description: The project will contribute positively to environmental sustainability by increasing participants’ knowledge through sessions with Forestry England, and by deepening participants’ connection with the natural environment, thus encouraging participants to value and protect the environment.

Decision: Award grant of £24,700 (88%)


Blitz Kids and Defences – 85th Anniversary of Sheffield Blitz

Applicant: Sheffield Blitz Memorial Trust 

Project Description: The project aims to identify historic ‘defensive ring areas’ on the outskirts of Sheffield, created to defend the city from the WWII blitz. Target audiences are those with memories and artefacts relating to the period, students and members of Rotary Club (with connections to Ukraine). 

Decision: Reject


“ilo" ('Good Heart' in Romani) – an Oldham Roma Women's Project

Applicant: Barrel Organ

Project Description: This 15-month project aims to highlight Roma heritage through a series of workshops with Roma women and a resulting co-curated exhibition about the female Roma experience.  

Decision: Reject


Telling Stories: Shakespeare and Prescot

Applicant: Shakespeare North Trust

Project Description: The project will engage the public in events and activities to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the publication of Shakespeare's First Folio.

Decision: Award grant of £228,850 (91%)


Collyhurst Voices

Applicant: Collyhurst Community Enterprises Ltd 

Project Description: This eight-month intergenerational project will focus on the changing urban landscape of the local area, capturing memories from the community. 

Decision: Award grant of £17,325 (100%)


The Hunslet Club through the decades

Applicant: Hunslet Club 

Project Description: The Hunslet Club, an independent youth and community organisation in South Leeds, will deliver a 12-month project to celebrate the history of the club which was founded in 1940.

Decision: Reject

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