England, North: delegated decisions November 2023

England, North: delegated decisions November 2023

Schedule of decisions under delegated powers for England, North at The National Lottery Heritage Fund on 2 November 2023.

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

Doncaster Coalfield Communities 1984 40th anniversary commemoration

Applicant: Hatfield Main Colliery, Community Heritage Association

Project description: Involve local communities in history projects and other activities as part of a commemoration event for the coal mining communities of Hatfield-Thorne Colliery.

Decision: Reject


Tine Tales


Project description: Addressing challenges faced by marginalised youth in Leeds through storytelling, digital filmmaking and participatory youth-led activism, enabling them to explore their cultural roots.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (100%)


History Project

Applicant: Speaking Up Together Beyond Boundaries

Project description: To increase access and involvement of people with learning disabilities and visitors with literacy support needs to Newcastle Cathedral's heritage and history.  

Decision: Award grant of £9,804 (100%)


Formby Heritage Centre

Applicant: Imagine Formby CIC
Project description: This project will present Formby’s historical artefacts in an exhibition space for the public.
Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (100%)


City of Kittiwakes

Applicant: Moving Parts Arts CIO

Project description: To explore Newcastle’s maritime heritage through a series of workshops culminating in a parade.
Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (38%)


Heritage & History

Applicant: Cheesy Waffles Project 
Project description: To engage people with learning disabilities with their local heritage with a programme of hands-on sessions and other community participation opportunities.
Decision: Award grant of £9,320 (100%)


Nature, Habitat and Heritage Project

Applicant: Coquet Trust 
Project description: To give adults in social care the opportunity to engage with local heritage through building natural habitats together.
Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (100%)


My North Tyneside

Applicant: Write on the Tyne Community Interest Company 
Project description: Deliver creative writing sessions to encourage people to engage with local history and explore heritage, society, nostalgia, education, and wellbeing.
Decision: Award grant of £8,485 (100%)


Exploring And Belonging (ExBe) for forced migrants

Applicant: Migrant English Support Hub 
Project description: To work with 'forced migrant' participants in Hull and Huddersfield, using heritage as a way for participants to connect with their new hometowns.
Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (100%)


Expanding our annual Heritage Summit

Applicant: The Yorkshire Society 
Project description: To fund the expansion of an annual heritage summit to celebrate a wide range of Yorkshire culture.
Decision: Award grant of £9,900 (77%)


The Windermere Route

Applicant: Regenesis Events CIC 
Project description: To provide funding for a team to trek to Prague as part of the ‘My Voice’ Project.
Decision: Reject


Stained Glass Windows repairs

Project description: To fund the restoration of two stained glass windows.
Decision: Reject


Hopwood Hall Estate: The Next Level of Community Engagement

Project description: To support the long-term aim to develop the Grade II* Hopwood Hall in Rochdale into a community arts, education and cultural centre.
Decision: Award grant of £249,930 (71%)


Insights, identity and imagination – taking steps to engage a wider audience and improve organisational resilience

Applicant: Thackray Medical Museum 
Project description: To deliver audience research, new positioning strategy and audience development to increase the museum’s sustainability.
Decision: Award grant of £228,911 (95%)


The Bluecoat: A Cultural Heritage for Liverpool

Applicant: The Bluecoat 
Project description: To better engage under-served audiences and explore options for strengthening financial sustainability in the lead up to the organisation's centenary in 2027.
Decision: Award grant of £210,696 (99%)


Growing Urban Green Resilience

Applicant: Urban Green Newcastle

Project description: To expand the city’s capacity to address local social and ecological needs.

Decision: Award grant of £221,077 (75%)


Tyneside Cinema – Survive and Thrive

Applicant: Tyneside Cinema 
Project description: To fund an 18-month resilience project as a critical measure to ensure the cinema’s survival.  
Decision: Award grant of £233,475 (82%)


Take the Green Route!

Applicant: York Bike Belles Community Interest Company 
Project description: To engage new audiences with their local green areas, highlighting the positive impact of accessing public spaces and to promote the diverse natural heritage.
Decision: Award grant of £99,799 (91%)


Tenter Frames Restoration and Engagement

Applicant: Otterburn Investments Ltd
Project description: To restore the historic tenter frames at Otterburn Mill in Northumberland, install interpretation for visitors, and deliver an activity programme of research and theatrical performances for the public.
Decision: Award grant of £73,185 (84%)


Your Town Hall: Open to All

Applicant: Manchester City Council
Project description: To explore and share Manchester Town Hall’s (MTH) heritage and diversify its visitor profile.
Decision: Reject


Tackling rugby league heritage

Applicant: Rugby League Cares
Project description: To undertake a strategic review of Rugby League (RL) heritage across the north and create a 10-year business plan.  
Decision: Reject


Re:discover Manchester (formerly Inspire)

Applicant: Streetwise Opera
Project description: To engage a group of participants who have experienced homelessness with a programme of activities that will explore the work of composers of African and Caribbean heritage from the 18th century to the present.  
Decision: Award grant of £60,673 (78%)


‘Serve the Future Hour': the Wordsworth Trust's resilience plan

Applicant: The Wordsworth Trust
Project description: To deliver a full review of the Wordsworth Trust's business and operations and produce a roadmap to a more secure future for the organisation.
Decision: Award grant of £89,200 (90%)


The Man They Named a Town After

Applicant: Wheatley Hill History Club

Project description: Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the creation of ‘new town’ Peterlee in County Durham and Peter Lee through school sessions, theatre and an exhibition.

Decision: Award grant of £17,890 (74%)


Island of Sanctuary

Applicant: Whispered Tales Ltd
Project description: To create two volunteer programmes that will produce an oral history archive of Bosnian-born people who fled to the UK in the 1990s and enable people currently seeking asylum in Liverpool to explore the city’s history as a ‘City of Sanctuary’.  
Decision: Reject


Puppetry & Lancashire History

Applicant: Goofus Theatre CIC

Project description: To discover local history stories from local collections and communities and to tell these stories through a new performance with puppetry storytelling.

Decision: Award grant of £16,410 (78%)



Applicant: Brink Productions
Project description: To engage young people in creative activities, train them to interview past participants to create oral histories, and bring them together to reconnect and celebrate.

Decision: Reject


Preston Caribbean Carnival Golden Jubilee

Applicant: Preston Caribbean Carnival Ltd
Project description: Through costume restoration and creation, archiving and an exhibition, this project will fund a Caribbean carnival.
Decision: Reject


Bradford Curry Fest: Unveiling Bradford's Spice Legacy

Applicant: BEAP
Project description: To explore the heritage of curry houses in Bradford, and how this relates to the journey of the Bangladeshi diaspora and Bradford’s cultural melting pot to reveal a heritage unique to Britain.  
Decision: Award grant of £98,995 (100%)


Swaledale & Wensleydale Environmental Farmers (SWEF)

Applicant: Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust
Project description: To establish a farmer-led cooperative to include at least 120 farmers so members will be better equipped to access green finance and achieve ambitious environmental outcomes.  
Decision: Reject


At Peace with Nature – Phase 1: Wildlife volunteers

Applicant: York Cemetery Trust
Project description: To focus on the natural heritage at the site to gain a greater understanding of the wildlife and fauna and produce a maintenance plan to better care for the environment.  
Decision: Reject


A Wilder Lancashire – Test and Trial towards encouraging more Action for Nature

Applicant: The Lancashire Wildlife Trust Ltd
Project description: To engage a diverse range of people with nature and encourage them to take meaningful action by focusing on two urban fringe Nature Recovery Areas (West Pennines and Croal Irwell) including working with communities in Bury, Bolton and West Lancashire.
Decision: Reject


Tricketts Memorial Ground, Rawtenstall

Applicant: Rossendale Borough Council
Project description: To restore a local green space, improve accessibility, and use creative activities to explore the park's origins and the community members it commemorates.  

Decision: Reject


Rekindling Nello James

Applicant: Rekindle School Ltd
Project description: To explore and share the legacy of C.L.R. James, Nello James Centre, and Caribbean heritage.
Decision: Reject


East Window Restoration

Applicant: Parochial Church Council of St Mary's Woodkirk
Project description: To restore the main East Window of the church.
Decision: Reject


The History Makers Project

Applicant: REELMCR C.I.C.
Project description: To engage young people in Greater Manchester in working class history from the 1940s to the present day.
Decision: Reject


NIA Centre: The heart of Hulme

Applicant: Hercules Productions Enterprise CIC
Project description: To document and share the heritage of the Niamos Centre, Hulme, Manchester.
Decision: Reject


Colour Matters – an exploration into textile dyeing and living in colour

Applicant: Sunny Bank Mills Museum and Archive Limited

Project description: To engage people with the history and practices of textile dyeing as informed by archive material at a former textile mill in Farnley, West Yorkshire. 
Decision: Reject


The Journey of Hope: sustaining cancer stories and Legacy

Project description: To deliver a project that will capture people's experiences of cancer, raise cancer awareness, and celebrate the progress made in cancer research through an exhibition and oral histories. 
Decision: Reject


Solar Aeration and Water Quality Management Scheme

Applicant: WADAA Ltd
Project description: To address low oxygen levels in water bodies in South Cumbria by enabling a current prototype approach to be deployed at vulnerable sites in the area.  
Decision: Reject


Preserving Pellon: Past, Present and Future

Applicant: The Parochial Church Council of Christ Church Mount Pellon

Project description: To explore the heritage of Christ Church Pellon and create a dedicated heritage space through the restoration of the church tower.
Decision: Reject


Nzango Project

Applicant: Areopagus Civic Centre CIC

Project description: To deliver a series of engagement activities to Congolese women and girls and older first-generation African French speaking Congolese women identified through church communities across Greater Manchester.   
Decision: Reject


North East Regional Invasive Species Project

Applicant: Tees Rivers Charitable Trust
Project description: To take a region-wide approach to removing Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS) and restoring the natural biodiversity of the north east’s rivers.
Decision: Reject 


Restoration of the Tyne Theatre Grand Saloon – "The Drury Lane of the North"

Applicant: Tyne Theatre and Opera House Preservation Trust  
Project description: To bring about improvements to the heritage and resilience of the theatre.
Decision: Reject 

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