England, North: delegated decisions June 2024

England, North: delegated decisions June 2024

Schedule of decisions under delegated powers for England, North at The National Lottery Heritage Fund on 10 June 2024.

National Lottery Heritage Grants

Ukrainian Stories and the Merseyside Connection

Applicant: Whispered Tales Ltd

Project Description: To investigate the relationship between Merseyside and Ukraine from 1945 to today through research including creating a digital archive and the collection of interviews.

Decision: Award grant of £58,112


North East Lincolnshire – Heritage Place scoping

Applicant: North East Lincolnshire Council

Project Description: To build upon north east Lincolnshire’s position as a Heritage Place and benefit from a range of heritage projects through further investment in the area.

Decision: Award grant of £250,000


Manchester Caribbean Carnival Heritage 2024

Applicant: Manchester Carnival Together CIC

Project Description: To deliver heritage skills development and sharing activity with and for Manchester’s Caribbean community through an archive, carnival participation and supporting the heritage market.

Decision: Award grant of £45,000


Call and Response: a project to map the dance heritage of the North East and to explore its relationship with the region's diaspora communities, leading to a wider understanding of the shared global roots of dance.

Applicant: Dance North

Project Description: To develop shared understanding of the diversity and interplay of global dance traditions through investigating three different regional dance heritage forms.

Decision: Award grant of £76,698


Building resilience to save and bring back wildlife

Applicant: The Lancashire Wildlife Trust

Project Description: To change the existing financial model and deliver strategic priorities through capacity, training and resources.

Decision: Award grant of £249,847


Championing Change – A Commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of the Miners' Strike in Doncaster

Applicant: City of Doncaster Council

Project Description: To lead a series of activities to mark the 40th anniversary of the year-long miners' strike working with community and creative partners to deliver a heritage programme.

Decision: Award grant of £97,250


The Rudi Project

Applicant: Holocaust Survivors' Friendship Association

Project Description: To recognise the legacy of the ‘Resilient Organisation’ project and ask critical questions about the Holocaust as well as, create sustainable participation practices and expand reach.

Decision: Award grant of £250,000


Harcourt Road: Collecting and showcasing parallel histories of community organising in two streets of the same name in Sheffield and Hong Kong

Applicant: Bloc Projects Ltd

Project Description: To create a 'mobile museum' collecting and showcasing stories of migration and community organising of two streets of the same name in Hong Kong and Sheffield with community engagement workshops.

Decision: Award grant of £47,930


Hope Mill's Big Birthday

Applicant: The Factory Of Creativity

Project Description: To explore and share the heritage of Hope Mill through a programme of activities, performance and events while working with diverse local communities.

Decision: Award grant of £198,430


Case Histories (working title)

Applicant: Cabasa CIC

Project Description: A research project co-developed by women who have lived experience of reproductive health challenges, who will explore their own and their peers' histories as well as women over the past 150 years.

Decision: Award grant of £26,560


Stones Mission and Development Project (sustainable energy and future)

Applicant: Stones Methodist Church

Project Description: Developing the environmental and organisational sustainability of the organisation through installing green energy sources and adapting the space to accommodate an enhanced community programme.

Decision: Award grant of £118,650


Slawit SHOP

Applicant: Slaithwaite Moonraking Festival

Project Description: To run an 18-month programme of community heritage activities which will increase engagement in local history: build interest and skills, create two accessible archives, and preserve the tradition of a biennial Slaithwaite Moonraking Festival.

Decision: Reject


Supporting a sustainable future for Lancaster City Museums

Applicant: Lancaster City Council

Project Description: To achieve a sustainable service delivery model for its museums and to determine a way forward that has the full support of the council, aligns with local stakeholder needs and promotes local heritage.

Decision: Award grant of £68,512


Afro Caribbean Carnival

Applicant: TransformersHPL

Project Description: To educate and raise cultural awareness around African and Carribean heritage in Hartlepool through promotion and activities at the Hartlepool Carnival.

Decision: Reject


History Pods CIC

Applicant: History Pods CIC

Project Description: To create audio presentations for individuals facing learning difficulties or autism including a more accessible website, accompanying social media channels, nationwide educational workshops and a ‘fan club’.

Decision: Reject


Nature and Sensory Community Project

Applicant: Wellness at Greenacres Community Interest Company

Project Description: To encourage participation and contributions to wildlife heritage in the local area by increasing wildflower planting to create pollinator habitat sites and restore sensory gardens.

Decision: Reject


Mothers of East Lancashire – a generational time capsule

Applicant: Snowdrop Doula Community Interest Company

Project Description: To record audios and written history for present and future generations to find commonalities and community for mothers of different generations and cultures.

Decision: Reject


Empowering African Women Through Heritage: A Cultural Promotion/Preservation

Applicant: Northeast African Women

Project Description: To preserve and celebrate the cultural heritage of African women through storytelling, skills development and shared experience as well as provide economic opportunities for sustainable livelihoods.

Decision: Reject


Bridging Senses: Unveiling Stockton's Heritage for All

Applicant: JPR Trade Skills CIC

Project Description: To make heritage sites in Stockton accessible to all by removing physical barriers and implementing solutions.

Decision: Reject


Through the lens of our historic building, we are empowering our communities to explore their heritage and develop new skills.

Applicant: Our Big Picture Ltd

Project Description: To undertake conservation and repair on a Grade II Listed building and provide construction training to help young people develop heritage skills ultimately ensuring the building is fit for purpose.

Decision: Reject


Grant percentage change

Reconnecting Archaeology

Applicant: Council for British Archaeology

Project Description: A resilience and audience development project that aims to diversify engagement in archaeology, grow CBA membership and support grassroots archaeology.

Decision: Award change in grant percentage from 95% to 90%


Grant increases

Tenter Frames Restoration and Engagement

Applicant: Otterburn Investments Ltd

Project Description: To restore unique historic tenter frames, install interpretation for visitors and deliver an activity programme of research and theatrical performances for the public.

Decision: Award grant increase of £12,000 to make a total grant of £85,158

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