England, North: delegated decisions January 2024

England, North: delegated decisions January 2024

Schedule of decisions under delegated powers for England, North at The National Lottery Heritage Fund on 22 January 2024.

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

Trinity's Eco Garden and Heritage Experience for Wellbeing

Applicant: Trinity Methodist Church, Clitheroe

Project description: To create a green space to facilitate workshops for wellbeing and wildlife improvement in the local area.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (83%)

Connected Histories

Applicant: Lancaster and District Festival Ltd 

Project description: To explore the city’s history with the Atlantic slave trade through workshops and an exhibition.

Decision: Award grant of £9,820 (42%)

Seaforth and Litherland Heroes: Rimrose Hope Primary Heritage Art Installation 

Applicant: Rimrose Hope CofE Primary School 

Project description: To create a series of portraits of local historic figures in the community.

Decision: Reject

Leeds Combined Arts Creative and Educational Activities 

Applicant: Leeds Combined Arts 

Project description: To create an artistic community group for adults targeted at reducing social isolation.

Decision: Reject

Resilience & Recovery: Lights On, Curtain Up, It’s Showtime at Showtown 

Applicant: Blackpool Heritage & Museum Trust 

Project description: To facilitate the launch of Blackpool’s ‘Showtown’ Museum.

Decision: Award grant of £145,000 (94%)

The People’s History of Leeds

Applicant: Leeds Older People’s Forum

Project description: To tell the story of the city through gathering intergenerational stories to produce two publications and a pop-up exhibition.

Decision: Award of £103,817 (100%)

Reimagining Roman Maryport: A Museum at the Edge of the Roman Empire

Applicant: Senhouse Museum Trust

Project description: To reveal Maryport’s Roman heritage to new audiences, explore how the museum offer can be enhanced to suit the needs of the local community, and to develop a resilience strategy for the museum.

Decision: Award of grant £66,000 (100%)

Radical Retrospectives: celebrating 20 years of Collective Encounters 

Applicant: Collective Encounters 

Project description: To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Collective Encounters through compiling the stories of the community through workshops and sessions.

Decision: Award grant of £48,765 (91%)

Celebrating Supportability at 70 

Applicant: Stockport, East Cheshire, High Peak, Urmston & District Cerebral Palsy Society

Project description: To explore the 70-year history of the disability charity, Supportability. The project will engage children and adults with learning disabilities, undertaking archiving activities, collecting oral histories and creating an exhibition and digital engagement resources.

Decision: Award grant of £93,696 (100%)

Lindow Moss – a Landscape in Recovery 

Applicant: Groundwork Cheshire Lancashire & Merseyside 

Project description: To conserve, restore and interpret the natural and cultural heritage of Lindow Moss (LM), engaging new audiences.

Decision: Award grant of £250,000 (83%)

A Resilient Future in Darwen 

Applicant: Parochial Church Council of St James Over Darwen 

Project description: To see heritage consultation undertaken, the appointment of various roles for a project team and the delivery of an associated programme of engagement activities.

Decision: Reject

Better We Bangla Supplementary School

Applicant: Better We CIC

Project description: To offer the opportunity for young people to discover and appreciate Bangladeshi heritage through weekly activities including traditional arts, crafts, textiles, drama and music.

Decision: Award grant of £20,329 (100%)

The Ballad of the Crocodile and the Underpass – people's stories of life in a new town. 

Applicant: Sunderland Culture Limited 

Project description: To celebrate people's collective experiences of life in Washington New Town as part of its 60th anniversary. The project will take a creative approach which will include songs and song writing, photography, and podcasting.

Decision: Award grant of £72,600 (94%)

Cambois Hidden Depths: Heritage Connected At The Seams 

Applicant: November Club 

Project description: To carry out engagement projects, followed by a festival and exhibition to showcase the work created. 

Decision: Award grant of £50,449 (93%)

Kath Locke Community Heritage Project 

Applicant: Big Life Centres 

Project description: To create a community co-curated permanent exhibition in the newly refurbished reception area of the Kath Locke Centre in Moss Side, Manchester.

Decision: Award grant of £54,907 (100%)

Ilkley Moor - Peoples Heritage Project 

Applicant: Friends of Ilkley Moor 

Project description: To undertake essential environmental conservation works and delivering community engagement activities.

Decision: Award grant of £64,200 (100%)


Applicant: Kirklees Theatre Trust

Project description: To explore and document the heritage of Lawrence Batley Theatre by documenting oral histories, creating artistic portraits and co-curating an exhibition.

Decision: Award grant of £24,162 (73%)

The history and legacy of HIV in Greater Manchester. 

Applicant: George House Trust

Project description: To catalogue and preserve the archive of George House Trust, using the archive to share the heritage and engage people in its history and the story of HIV in the north, marking the Trust's 40th anniversary.

Decision: Award grant of £151,760 (98%)

Coastal Voice 

Applicant: Music In Mind CIO 

Project description: To explore the concept of dialect and capture the heritage in the accents of the coastal towns of Sefton, Grimsby and Dover.

Decision: Award grant of £59,400 (85%)

York Museum Trust Masterplan

Applicant: York Museums and Gallery Trust

Project description: To develop the first draft of a Masterplan for consultation and organisational resilience review.

Decision: Award grant of £242,038 (100%)

Sporting Heritage – Working to keep the nation's sporting stories alive!

Applicant: Sporting Heritage Community Interest Company 

Project description: To build on Sporting Heritage’s (SH) recent resilience project, using the organisational structure, forward plan and income strategy established as a response to sector needs, and further build organisational resilience.  

Decision: Award grant of £249,281 (100%)

North Sea Sirens heritage engagement programme

Applicant: Periplum CIC

Project description: To work with communities across Tees Valley to explore the heritage of the River Tee and North Sea coast, holding workshops and creating an exhibition.

Decision: Award grant of £86,501 (95%)

“Ilo" ("Good Heart" in Romani) - An Oldham Roma Women Project

Applicant: Barrel Organ 

Project description: To highlight Roma heritage through a series of workshops with Roma women, and a resulting co-curated exhibition about the female Roma experience.  

Decision: Award grant of £98,983 (100%)

Adapt to Thrive 

Applicant: The National Museum of Labour History T/A People's History Museum 

Project description: To transform how PHM approaches income generation through new models and structures for venue hire and fundraising across the organisation.  

Decision: Award grant of £245,007 (74%)

Restorer of Stories 

Applicant: Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of Bowling St Stephen

Project description: To carry out repair works to the large West Window of St Stephen's Church and deliver an associated programme of engagement activities.

Decision: Award grant of £99,000 (60%)

Fumbo: Tales of African riddles from the northwest

Applicant: Amani Creatives CIC

Project description: To uncover and record naming stories from the African diaspora community, create an exhibition and ensure the heritage is preserved for future generations.

Decision: Award grant of £77,457 (100%)

Sheffield Blitz Memorial Trust 85th anniversary – The Peoples Stories

Applicant: Sheffield Blitz Memorial Trust

Project description: To work with communities across Sheffield and the surrounding area to explore the Sheffield Blitz heritage to commemorate the 85th anniversary of the historical event in December 2025.

Decision: Award grant of £91,280 (99%)

Creating a Leadgate heritage hub using St Ives Church as the centre 

Applicant: Parochial Church Council of Leadgate 

Project description: To focus on physical improvement works to the church building alongside a local engagement programme with schools and residents to raise awareness of mining heritage.

Decision: Reject


Applicant: Keswick Museum & Art Gallery Management Ltd 

Project description: To explore the heritage and culture of storytelling in Cumbria.

Decision: Award grant of £185,177 (95%)

The Big Flame: Inspiring Community Organising Then and Now 

Applicant: Working Class Movement Library 

Project description: To highlight and re-interpret the archive collection of this organisation through a co-curation programme.

Decision: Award grant of £99,847 (80%)

Knowsley Golden Thread Heritage Project 

Applicant: One Knowsley 

Project description: To work with local communities and facilitate co-creation and co-production of collaborative community heritage projects.

Decision: Award grant of £237,474 (100%)

Lifting the Lids Phase 2 

Applicant: Friends of Anfield 

Project description: To improve community engagement with Grade II* Anfield Cemetery in Liverpool, Merseyside. The project will deliver a programme of heritage activities, encouraging local community involvement in plans for its conservation.

Decision: Reject

Mandela8 Heritage Legacy Futures

Applicant: Mandela8

Project description: To showcase new and existing resources relating to the heritage of Toxteth (known as Liverpool 8/L8).

Decision: Reject

Salford and Manchester Archive Collaboration

Applicant: Dig Media Ltd

Project description: To continue work restoring material and collaborating archives, sharing best practice in cataloguing, adding content to promote audience engagement, and providing opportunities for trainees.  

Decision: Reject

My Heritage – engaging marginalised communities in heritage 

Applicant: The Community&Heritage CIC 

Project description: To carry out three community heritage projects, including young people from the deaf community, low-income families and older people suffering dementia.

Decision: Reject


Applicant: South Yorkshire WH Community CIC

Project description: To create beehive starter kits to encourage young people and communities to learn about pollinators and conservation.

Decision: Reject

Making it better; making it warm; continuing the welcome. 

Applicant: Calder Valley Community Land Trust Limited 

Project description: To increase the energy performance of the Fielden Centre in Todmorden, Yorkshire.

Decision: Reject

ESOL Exploring Heritage 

Applicant: Crosby Together 

Project description: To improve English language skills by allowing the learners to celebrate their cultures through food, art and language with the wider community.

Decision: Reject

St John the Baptist, Wales – Organ Restoration 

Applicant: St John the Baptist Parochial Church Council 

Project description: To restore the church’s organ and hold a celebration event.

Decision: Reject

War Widows Stories: The Lives & Legacies of War's Forgotten Women  

Applicant: Liverpool John Moores University 

Project description: To use outputs and oral accounts previously collected through historically funded projects to create a display and interactive exhibition within the IWM North.

Decision: Reject


Applicant: Whixley with Green Hammerton and Allerton Mauleverer Parochial Church Council 

Project description: To install toilet facilities and a kitchen/tea station in the Grade II* Church of Ascension, in the village Whixley, York.

Decision: Reject

Time that defines us 

Applicant: Peshkar Productions Limited 

Project description: To recruit volunteers and deliver workshops covering the experiences of people of South Asian origin in Northern mill towns.

Decision: Reject

Bridge Street Roof 

Applicant: Avril Graham 

Project description: Roof repairs to a Grade II listed building.

Decision: Reject

Harcourt Road 

Applicant: Bloc Projects Ltd 

Project description: To connect local residents and people from Hong Kong who have relocated to Sheffield with a programme of activities that will explore the heritage of Harcourt Road, Sheffield and stories of Harcourt Road, Hong Kong.

Decision: Reject

SEE MY WORLD 2024–2026 

Applicant: Big People Community CIC 

Project description: To address a historical gap in Pan-African heritage with a year-round programme of engagement.

Decision: Reject

My Story 

Applicant: Daring Diadems 

Project description: To enable young people in Manchester to research and explore personal histories and stories from Africa, linking them to British culture through workshops and activities.

Decision: Reject

Empowering Visions: Fostering Governance and Heritage Excellence for Cede Foundation's Future 

Applicant: Cede Foundation 

Project description: To transform a Grade II listed former church into a community hub delivering cultural activities, while enhancing the resilience of the applicant to manage the building.   

Decision: Reject