England, North: delegated decisions December 2023

England, North: delegated decisions December 2023

Schedule of decisions under delegated powers for England, North at The National Lottery Heritage Fund on 12 December 2023.

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

Folklore Centre Volunteer Drive

Applicant: Centre for Folklore Myth & Magic CIC

Project description: To facilitate the partnership work with Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council’s Year of Culture: “Calder Tales” and Portico Library Manchester Dynamic Collections' project.

Decision: Award grant of £9,499 (95%).



Applicant: GMOYS (Greater Manchester Youth Off Streets) C.I.C

Project description: To help young people’s understanding of the Spear of Ngombe and its relevance today through training and workshops.  

Decision: Award grant of £9,985 (100%).

Marple Heritage Sculpture Trail

Applicant: Marple Youth Project CIC

Project description: To create a Heritage Sculpture Trail running from Rose Hill Train station through Marple Memorial Park and concluding at Marple Train station. 

Decision: Award grant of £5,590 (100%).


Species Past, Present and Future

Applicant: The University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Project description: Students will produce work around the theme of Northumberland’s extinct, protected, and reintroduced species to form an exhibition at Wallington Hall.

Decision: Award grant of £9,983 (100%).


Rediscovering 18C Prescot

Applicant: Clockwork Studios Prescot CIC

Project description: To breathe life into the heritage of Prescot and its people from the 18th century, connecting with modern-day society. 

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (100%).


Heritage Hunt: Huyton History Hoohar!

Applicant: Willow Tree Primary School

Project description: To research, collate and create a set of history resources to use as educational tools and publicise the wealth of history that Huyton has.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (100%).


Heritage at Heart at High Green

Applicant: Westwood 2015 Limited

Project description: To use heritage, art and exercise to help transform the community of High Green and preserve its industrial heritage. 

Decision: Award grant of £9,909 (100%).


A Stitch in Time – Reconnecting Preston's Past

Applicant: Preston Guild Lodge No 4408

Project description: To connect Preston and its past to new cultures and new generations, centring around several rare hand-crafted items.

Decision: Award grant of £3,000 (50.81%).


Cycle Together

Applicant: Yuvanis Foundation

Project description: To foster community connection through a series of group bike rides tailored to ethnic communities from lower socio-economic backgrounds, incorporating local canals and mills. 

Decision: Award grant of £9,950 (100%).


Bradford Mechanics Institute – Engagement

Applicant: Bradford Mechanics Institute Library

Project description: To increase local awareness around the two-hundred-years of Mechanics’ Institute history which helped shape the city. 

Decision: Award grant of £9,888 (100%).


Remember the Rovers

Applicant: Blackburn Rovers Community Trust

Project description: To support activities for individuals with dementia to reduce social isolation and increase wellbeing through the shared experiences and memories of the heritage of Blackburn Rovers Football Club.  

Decision: Award grant of £9,900 (100%)


High Mill – Alston

Applicant: Jonathan Muir

Project description: To use High Mill, a grade II* listed building on the heritage at risk register, to create artist studios and larger workshops.

Decision: Reject

Haydon Bridge to Hexham Walking/cycling path

Applicant: active travel Tynedale (ACTT) CIC

Project description: To create a walking and cycling path between Haydon Bridge and Hexham to create a convenient transportation route and preserve the heritage. 

Decision: Reject

Sleepy Parrot Studios Heritage Crafts

Applicant: Sleepy Parrot Studios Ltd

Project description: To run a pilot programme of skills development and skill-sharing to offer a range of accessible workshops in heritage crafts.

Decision: Reject


Bishopthorpe Community Archive Website

Applicant: Bishopthorpe Local History Group

Project description: To build engaging websites for Bishopthorpe Local History Group community archives and produce an online catalogue to allow easy access to the Archive material. 

Decision: Reject

ACT Summer Shakespeare


Project description: To locally cast and perform an outdoor, amateur production of a Shakespeare play in the grounds of Bradford Cathedral.

Decision: Reject

Women in Rugby League; The Pioneering Years

Applicant: Commonsense Initiative Ltd

Project description: To document and preserve the heritage of women’s rugby league and capture memories since the 1980s.

Decision: Award grant of £99,912 (100%).



Applicant: Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council

Project description: To unite the dispersed heritage sector and foster collaboration and a stronger heritage landscape with meetings, skills development opportunities and contributions to the development of a Heritage Action Plan (HAP).

Decision: Award grant of £249,878 (64.99%).


"Be Just and Fear Not": Celebrating our Club and Supporting our Community

Applicant: Carlisle United Association Football Club (1921) Limited

Project description: To work with under-served audiences to explore the Club’s extensive archive, delivering an engagement programme and exhibition which capitalises on its upcoming anniversary and recent promotion to League One. 

Decision: Award grant of £95,000 (81.2%).


Unearth Burrs (working title)

Applicant: The Sunnywood Project Ltd

Project description: To restore the site and involve target audiences in renovation, habitat/wildlife restoration and enhancements to a public pond.

Decision: Award grant of £83,979 (100%).


Towards a Brighter Future: Saltaire Collection

Applicant: The Saltaire World Heritage Education Association

Project description: To explore how best to create a fully accessible location for and resilient management of the Saltaire Collection that meets the needs of local and diverse communities and attracts regional, national and international visitors. 

Decision: Award grant of £93,172 (100%).


Heritage Land Skills – Growing Well in West Cumbria

Applicant: Growing Well Limited

Project description: To complement the Beck Green Garden nursery development in Egremont, West Cumbria and enhance wellbeing and heritage growing.

Decision: Award grant of £188,778 (100%).


Digitally Disrupting the Archives

Applicant: Northumberland County Council

Project description: To work with established youth groups in two rural areas of Northumberland to develop visual content and entertainment activities. 

Decision: Award grant of £103,300 (95%).


Legacy: Football and the Black Experience

Applicant: National Football Museum

Project description: To explore the stories of people who identify as Black or of African or Caribbean heritage in football, celebrating their successes and recognising the challenges that they still face.

Decision: Award grant of £149,442 (63.74%).


The Restoration of the Historic Botanical Gardens of Liverpool

Applicant: Liverpool City Council

Project description: Improving access to the historic Liverpool Botanical Collection and engaging young people and people from socially and economically deprived communities with nature. 

Decision: Award grant of £245,000 (98%).


The South Blockhouse Project: People, Place and the Past

Applicant: Hull City Council

Project description: To provide a range of opportunities for local people to better engage with the heritage of the South Blockhouse site in Hull, including archival research, learning events and activities, and community outreach.

Decision: Award grant of £250,000 (95.24%).

Our Heritage, Our Stories – Heritage Development for Wakefield District

Applicant: Wakefield Metropolitan District Council

Project Description: To transform methods of working and build the strength of the heritage sector while breaking down barriers to engagement.

Decision: Award grant of £245,623 (60.33%).


A Millennium of Milling: A Mill Takes its Turn

Applicant: Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Project description: To create a viable and sustainable future for Worsborough Mill including a transformed volunteer-led visitor experience, a new Mill Learning & Activity Hub and targeted engagement. 

Decision: Award grant of £244,111 (95%).


609 (West Riding) Squadron Legacy Project

Applicant: 609 (West Riding) Squadron Association

Project description: To create a new exhibition gallery at Yorkshire Air Museum telling the story of the 609 Squadron. 

Decision: Reject


Steam to Green; an energy revolution

Applicant: Newcastle City Council on Behalf of Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums

Project description: To highlight the environmental landscape of the North East through the lens of industrial heritage and climate change with an engagement programme to complement the exhibition.

Decision: Reject


DREAMS AND STRUGGLES – Sheffield Popular Theatre 1984–1993

Applicant: Sheffield Popular Theatre History project

Project description: To research and capture the historic legacy of the Sheffield Popular Theatre’s creative work and to re-connect that work with groups and individuals living in the city today. 

Decision: Reject


Jukebox – emblem of youth in post-war Britain

Applicant: Mirador

Project description: To document and showcase the history of the first British-made juke boxes and their impact through an intergenerational engagement programme to promote community pride and highlight local significance.  

Decision: Award grant of £50,904 (100%).



Applicant: Heron Corn Mill (Beetham) Ltd

Project description: To train a millwright and support other water mills in the north and Scottish Borders through knowledge sharing and training. 

Decision: Reject


The Rum Story – Reimagined

Applicant: Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners

Project description: To undertake mapping and scoping with target audiences identified through Anti-Racist Cumbria (ARC) to develop new interpretation and rebranding at The Rum Story (TRS) attraction.  

Decision: Award grant of £249,431 (100%).


Putting Business in its Place (Valuing Nature & Heritage – Innovation in Fundraising)

Applicant: Morecambe Bay Partnership

Project description: To develop new pathways across the whole Morecambe Bay footprint for thousands of customers, staff and associates to engage with the landscape, nature and heritage of the Bay.

Decision: Reject


Nature Recovery Academy – North of England

Applicant: Common Purpose Charitable Trust

Project description: To enhance the capacity, diversity and resilience of the environmental sector in the North through cross-organisational training programmes. 

Decision: Award grant of £249,881 (83.33%).


Foresight Silver Jubilee – Celebrating and Preserving our Heritage

Applicant: Foresight North East Lincolnshire Ltd

Project description: To celebrate Foresight's 25th anniversary through preserving the heritage of adults with learning disabilities, including the delivery of an activity programme and hosting an event for participants, volunteers and the wider public.

Decision: Award grant of £24,207 (100%).


Stories from the Tunnels

Applicant: Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council on Stockport Museums

Project description: To engage new and existing audiences with the history of Stockport and particularly focus on SEND audiences aged 11+ and their families and carers.

Decision: Reject



Applicant: Helix Arts Limited

Project description:  To revisit, preserve and celebrate the heritage of Helix Arts through the eyes of individuals, communities and artists across the North East today and reconnecting stories to people now.  

Decision: Award grant of £99,639 (93.44%).


Naturally Together: Collective Action for Our Shared Heritage

Applicant: Fairfield Environment Trust

Project description:  To encourage community action to protect the natural and food heritage of the area, working with diverse communities and building bridges among participants.

Decision: Reject


Community Arts – Jewish Heritage Salford

Applicant: Community Arts

Project description:  To collect, record and film oral stories of Jewish elders and their families, asking them to reflect on their lives, their contribution to Salford and how the community has changed over their lifetime. 

Decision: Reject


All Aboard Goole 2026

Applicant: East Riding Of Yorkshire Council

Project description: To celebrate Goole's story, employ a Community Engagement and Fundraising project officer, and build on existing local networks to deliver a range of community-based events and activities. 

Decision: Reject


My Voice, Our Stories: An Intergenerational Heritage Project

Applicant: Intergenerational Music Making CIC

Project description: To use intergenerational music and storytelling activities to share and celebrate the community heritage of Greater Manchester.

Decision: Reject


More Endeavour

Applicant: Endeavour Training Limited

Project description: To create a programme of activities to increase the skills of vulnerable young people and support the restoration of a sunken garden at Wentworth Woodhouse, Rotherham.  

Decision: Reject


What We Leave Behind

Applicant: BHA For Equality

Project description: To develop a steering group including people living with HIV, activists and performers to provide guidance, support and governance and collate experiences from people living with HIV and activists from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Decision: Reject


A Heritage Masterplan for Doncaster Council

Applicant: City of Doncaster Council

Project description: To create a new evidenced-based, consultative heritage masterplan for the next 10 years.   

Decision: Reject


Embrace the legacy: Celebrating cultural heritage in Sunderland

Applicant: New Horizon Sunderland

Project description: To explore the cultural tapestry of Sunderland, with a primary focus on Black and minority communities.

Decision: Reject


Tea and Tales: a Yorkshire storytelling project with refugees and residents

Applicant: Leeds City Council on Behalf of Migration Yorkshire

Project description: To document, share and celebrate forms of intangible cultural heritage (ICH) emerging among refugee groups and their new communities in Yorkshire and Humber. 

Decision: Reject


Heritage and creative Hub

Applicant: lads west Yorkshire CIC

Project description: To create interactive workshops that celebrate the heritage of South Asian families and young people using language, culturally relevant games, music, art and discussions.

Decision: Reject 

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