England, North: delegate decisions June 2022

England, North: delegate decisions June 2022

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers for England, North at The National Lottery Heritage Fund on 21 June 2022.

The Muddy Boots Project: Natural Heritage, Environmentalism and Inclusion

Applicant: Broadside Creatives CIC

Project Description: This two year project will engage approximately 250 people – from communities impacted most by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic – with nature and the environment. This will be through weekly sessions on the Wear riverbank in the Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, area.

Decision: Award grant of £97,500 (100% of total costs)

Exploring Sheffield's Food Heritage – People, Play and Pies

Applicant: Dungworth Bradfield and District Heritage Group

Project Description: This two and a half year project will research and collate archive materials on the food industry of Sheffield, particularly Afro-Caribbean foods.

Decision: Award grant of £46,920 (98% of total costs)

In the Footsteps of Walker Women

Applicant: Pottery Bank Community Centre LTD

Project Description: This one year project will engage local women in an inter-generational learning experience. It will highlight the changing landscape of the industrial sector since the Sex Discrimination Act was introduced in 1975.

Decision: Award grant of £46,100 (100% of total costs)

Celebrating Rockingham ceramics: traditions of cooking, dishing-up and eating in Rotherham

Applicant: Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Project Description: This eight month project will engage local people from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds, using the ceramic collection to highlight the significance of heritage cooking and cuisines.

Decision: Award grant of £31,890 (51% of total costs)

The Really Eely Lune Story

Applicant: The Lune Rivers Trust

Project Description: This two year project will engage people living in the area of the River Lune, specifically schools and older community members. It will educate them on environmental issues that affect aquatic habitats, such as the decline of the European eel. 

Decision: Reject

Bula Rochdale!

Applicant: Rochdale Hornets Sporting Foundation

Project Description: This 13 month project will target local community members in the history of local Fijians. They settled in Rochdale after signing up to play for Rochdale Hornets Rugby League club in the 1960s.

Decision: Award grant of £61,400 (83% of total costs)

Reflections on the River Tyne – Then, Now and Tomorrow

Applicant: Success4All c.i.o.

Project Description: This 20 month project is based around the River Tyne and surrounding area in Newcastle and the north east of England. A group of 13–18 year olds from ethnically diverse and under-served communities will be trained in digital skills, management, collaboration, and public engagement. This will provide opportunities to contribute to and learn about local and natural heritage.

Decision: Award grant of £68,957 (100% of total costs)

Interpreting Kiplin for 400

Applicant: Kiplin Hall CIO

Project Description: Exploring the 400 year history of Kiplin Hall in Richmond, Yorkshire. This 20 month project will engage under-served communities to co-develop new physical and digital interpretation, incorporating untold stories of the Hall’s domestic and estate staff.

Decision: Award grant of £136,150 (78% of total costs)

Archaeology on Prescription


Project Description: Working in close partnership with a range of heritage, community and health and wellbeing organisations, this 32 month project will engage a wide range of diverse participants in archaeological activity in York. Participants will excavate Willow House Garden – adjacent to Walmgate Bar in York – to improve their health and wellbeing, develop skills and increase their employability.

Decision: Award grant of £249,392 (65% of total costs)

Birds on the Edge

Applicant: North York Moors National Park Trust

Project Description: This four year project will work with land managers and local communities to create and restore habitat for four declining bird species. These are: the Turtle Dove, the Yellowhammer, the Song Thrush and the Redstart – they're found on the edge of farmland and woodland habitats in north east Yorkshire. The project will also work with under-served communities, school children and volunteers to increase engagement, knowledge and awareness of these key bird species.

Decision: Award grant of £216,608 (69% of total costs)



Project Description: This 20 month long project aims to engage a range of audiences in researching, interpreting and recording a history of Grimsby Town Football Club.

Decision: Award grant of £99,400 (100% of total costs)

Swan dives & high slides – tales from the Grange Lido archive

Applicant: Save Grange Lido Ltd

Project Description: This five month project, based in Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria, will improve Save Grange Lido’s significant archive of photos, documents, and other objects relating to the pool. It will also engage the public with the history of the lido.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (100% of total costs)

Ankara in Diaspora: Promoting our cultural heritage

Applicant: Wonderfully made woman

Project Description: This six month project will develop a series of weekly sessions to support vulnerable, ethnically diverse women and girls. They will explore the heritage of Ankara fabric, learn a new skill, build confidence and connect with the wider community.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (100% of total costs)

Lancaster Rewind Festival

Applicant: Lancaster BID

Project Description: This four month project will deliver a festival highlighting Lancaster’s heritage over the past 50 years through archive photographs, memories, themed activities and music.

Decision: Award grant of £9,900 (100% of total costs)

Disability Heritage Project

Applicant: Warrington Disability Partnership

Project Description: This 12 month project's aim is to educate and raise awareness of disability. It will engage wider audiences through a portable exhibition of timelines and artefacts, illustrating the history of disability.

Decision: Award grant of £9,913 (100% of total costs)

Throwing Open The Concert Doors – 50 Years of Manchester Music

Applicant: Royal Northern College Of Music

Project Description: This 18 month programme seeks to conserve The Royal Northern College of Music performance archives from 1973 onwards. It will engage new audiences with the content, including local homelessness, mental health and wellbeing charities, as well as college alumni.

Decision: Reject

Sharing Stories from the Sea

Applicant: The Culture House Ltd

Project Description: This six month project will engage residents of Grimsby in exploring the heritage of the town's seafaring past, forming a part of Grimsby's Festival of The Sea.

Decision: Reject

Botanic Gardens, Churchtown

Applicant: Green Sefton

Project Description: This six month project aims to better understand and celebrate the public use and heritage of Churchtown Botanic Gardens in Southport. It will inform planning of a larger capital and engagement project.

Decision: Award grant of £79,625 (100% of total costs)

Lost Voices – Memory and Reconciliation

Applicant: Nostalgia Trust

Project Description: This 10 month heritage project will collect, record, share and archive the memories and stories of exile and immigration to Greater Manchester of diverse ethnic communities from 1900–1961.

Decision: Reject

Punjabi Lives

Applicant: Crescent Community Radio Ltd

Project Description: This 14 month oral history project will record and share the stories of three generations of immigrants from Punjabi backgrounds.

Decision: Award grant of £63,685 (100% of total costs)

Great Grimsby's Viking Journey


Project Description: This 18 month community project will enhance public understanding of the Viking heritage of Grimsby and North East Lincolnshire.

Decision: Award grant of £250,000 (91% of total costs)

Jubilee Wildlife Garden

Applicant: FOSS

Project Description: This one year project will mark the Queen's Jubilee by developing a neglected wildlife space into a Jubilee Wildlife Garden in the grounds of St Martin's School. It will also increase volunteering opportunities and engagement with the space.

Decision: Award grant of £3,800 (100% of total costs)

175 Years of Sporting Heritage in Birkenhead Park

Applicant: HYPE Merseyside

Project Description: In the 175th year of Birkenhead Park, this 16 week project will celebrate the site's sporting heritage. It will research its history and recreate famous cricket, basketball, football and rugby matches that took place there in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Decision: Award grant of £9,900 (100% of total costs)

The Heritage Channel NEL

Applicant: Hammond House ltd

Project Description: This three year project will share the heritage of north east Lincolnshire. It will broaden access for people involved in heritage through the delivery of a dedicated local heritage channel and online TV station.

Decision: Award grant of £248,600 (95% of total costs)

The Gobefest Archive – Hungarian Heritage Project

Applicant: Beat Bazaar Projects

Project Description: This 30 month project will engage people of Hungarian heritage in activities which take place around the annual ‘Gobefest’. This is a three-day Eastern European-focused cultural and musical event in Manchester city centre.

Decision: Reject

Onward to the next 100 camps

Applicant: Woodsmoke Group

Project Description: This 16 month project will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Woodsmoke Group’s Boys Camp, the 75th anniversary of the Mary B Girls Camp, and improve the camp site in Sunderland.

Decision: Reject

Docklands Trail

Applicant: Docklands Trail

Project Description: This six month project is to extend the Docklands Trail in Liverpool. The extension will provide interpretation about the arrival of the soldiers of the United States Army at Gladstone Dock during the Second World War.

Decision: Reject

Fulford 1066 community dig 2022

Applicant: 1066 Society Charity

Project Description: This project will deliver a community archaeology project for one week in July 2022, in Fulford, York.

Decision: Reject

First Steps – A Documentary Film Using The Oral History Collection of Liverpool's Black Caribbean Community

Applicant: Morgan Telesis Limited

Project Description: This four month project will focus on Liverpool's Caribbean community, exploring stories of those arrived in the city between 1940 and 1960. Improving accessibility to existing oral history recordings, the project will create a booklet, film and exhibition.

Decision: Reject

Constance Street Communal Allotment

Applicant: Constance Street Garden Association

Project Description: This project will create small communal allotments in Consett, County Durham.

Decision: Reject

Wonderful Wild Flowers


Project Description: This three month project will deliver a craft roadshow at festivals and events across Cheshire. It will promote the knowledge of rewilding and pollinating, while seeding three new wildflower meadows at these events.

Decision: Reject


Applicant: Manchester Environmental Education Network

Project Description: This one year project will revisit three schools, assess previously planted trees, and deliver learning sessions to teach participants tree care and maintenance skills.

Decision: Reject

Friends of Usworth Park Refurbishment

Applicant: Friends of Usworth Park

Project Description: This year-long project centres on improvements to a local park near Washington, Sunderland, in order to reclaim Green Flag status. Funds would provide tools and materials for planting and groundworks, while local gardening groups would be created.

Decision: Reject

Forest School

Applicant: Friends of Mobberley School

Project Description: To establish a Forest School in Mobberley through the purchase of a table and educational resources.

Decision: Reject

The Wigan Way Heritage Project

Applicant: Caring Connections Limited

Project Description: This one year project will deliver heritage-based activities to socially isolated individuals, in order to improve wellbeing and reduce isolation. It will end with a final exhibition showcasing heritage items collected and Wigan's heritage.

Decision: Reject

Egremont Town Hall Clock Restoration

Applicant: Egremont Town Council

Project Description: To repair the clock housed in the clock tower of the 1889 Grade II listed Old Town Hall, Egrement, West Cumbria.

Decision: Reject

Walbottle Village Hadrians Wall 1900 Heritage trail

Applicant: Walbottle Village Tenants and Residents Association

Project Description: To develop heritage interpretation boards in Walbottle, Newcastle, relating to the heritage of Hadrian’s Wall and the impact of Roman history on the village.

Decision: Reject

Chopwell Stories

Applicant: Digital Voice for Communities C.I.C

Project Description: This 12 month project aims to collect and record the memories of people who live and work in Chopwell, capturing the intangible heritage of the village through storytelling.

Decision: Reject