England, North: delegate decisions January 2023

England, North: delegate decisions January 2023

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers for England, North at The National Lottery Heritage Fund on 12 January 2023.

LOL Story

Applicant: Levenshulme Old Library

Project Description: The community hub Levenshulme Old Library and its rich history will be celebrated through a digital archive and a short film, engaging local communities. 

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (100% of total costs)

Taking Steps to Establish Ada's Community and Heritage Cafe

Applicant: Pennine Mencap

Project Description: To conduct feasibility studies in Rhodes Bank Chambers and prepare to establish a community café within the building. The café will be used a safe space for community groups to carry out heritage and historical research as well as other skill-based activities.

Decision: Award grant of £9,974 (100% of total costs)


Applicant: St Anthony's Youth Education and Support

Project Description: Encourage young people to research and create a local history book, as well as other artworks to discover and celebrate the rich heritage of the John Boste Youth Club at Walker, Newcastle upon Tyne. The history of migration will also be looked at through interviewing members of the community.

Decision: Award grant of £9,701 (100% of total costs)

Coal Mining and Climate Change

Applicant: Cap-a-Pie Engagements

Project Description: Engage Key Stage Two students to learn about the north east of England's coal mining heritage and how the local communities’ lives have been impacted due to the industrial revolution. The project will also encourage the students to reflect on how the development of technology is connected to the current climate crisis.

Decision: Award grant of £9,991 (100% of total costs)

Small Boats, Big Waves

Applicant: Dogwood Productions CIC

Project Description: A Whitby-based project to update oral history collections with 21st century perspectives on the life and heritage of the town. I will also commission a series of short plays based on the new recordings and provide training in interviewing, recording and editing.

Decision: Award grant of £9,961 (100% of total costs)

Blackrod Remembered

Applicant: Blackrod Primary School

Project Description: Work with a group of 25 children, aged 7 to 11 years old, to research about the undiscovered heritage of Blackrod Primary School using oral histories, written memories, and artefacts. They will focus on the school history between 1940s and 1990s.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (100% of total costs)

Maryport's 'Meanwhile' Maritime Museum

Applicant: Allerdale Borough Council

Project Description: The museum's collection will be temporarily stored at the listed building Christ Church during refurbishment. The project will allow a sustainable business plan to be developed and for collections to be displayed at shop windows to interact with local audiences.

Decision: Award grant of £9,631 (100% of total costs)

Steel City Readers: Reading for pleasure in Sheffield 1925–1955

Applicant: Reading Sheffield

Project Description: To support the community history group to publish and promote the research carried out by its volunteers over the past 10 years.

Decision: Reject

Steam Tug Kerne. Boiler financial viability, environmental and conservation work

Applicant: The Steam Tug Kerne Preservation Society Limited

Project Description: To improve the fuel consumption and environmental sustainability of the 1913 Steam Tug Kerne while also conserving the original boiler structure.

Decision: Reject

The Halifax Stone Carving Festival

Applicant: The West Riding Stonecarving Association

Project Description: To organise the first Halifax Stone Carving Festival that includes demonstration from 60 stone carvers with the aim to encourage the public to learn about the craft.

Decision: Reject

Memory Lane

Applicant: B Active 'N' B' Fit CIC

Project Description: Address wellbeing and isolation, as well as highlighting the memories and intangible heritage of Hendon area in the north east of England. A walk path called ‘Memory Lane’ around the Barley Mow Park will be created using oral history collected from local residents aged 60 to 90 years old.

Decision: Award grant of £49,500 (100% of total costs)


Applicant: Pride in North Cumbria

Project Description: A two-year project to explore the stories and experiences of young trans, non binary and gender non-conforming people living in Cumbria in creative ways through art, creative writing, music and film, and share them with the wider community.

Decision: Award grant of £99,900 (100% of total costs)

Naturally Enterprising on the Kirklees History trail

Applicant: The Enterprise Centre Limited

Project Description: A two-year project to engage the local community with the heritage of the Kirklees Valley. It will deliver a programme of events, workshops, walks and talks, and fun family activities with the support of local community organisations. 

Decision: Award grant of £27,140 (99.63% of total costs)

Sing & Sew

Applicant: Kirklees Council

Project Description: A programme of textile heritage engagement, alongside two existing Kirklees Council-funded initiatives taking place throughout 2023: the biennial WOVEN festival, and Kirklees Year of Music 2023 (KYOM23) which celebrates diversity in music. 

Decision: Award grant of £99,785 (99.99% of total costs)

#DYC: The Power Hall

Applicant: The board of trustees of the Science Museum

Project Description: To prepare for re-interpretation of the Power Hall gallery to reduce barriers to sensory engagement, develop volunteering, represent diversity and conserve/maintain historic working machinery (HWM).

Decision: Award grant of £224,974 (66.1% of total costs)

Dynamic Northumbria: Time and Stories

Applicant: Haltwhistle Film Project Limited

Project Description: People from a variety of communities will be given the opportunity to interpret 12 to 15 heritage sites across Northumbria, including older people, schools, and people with disabilities, particularly neurodiversity.

Decision: Reject

#DYCPreserving Deaf Heritage for Future Generations

Applicant: British Deaf History Society Limited

Project Description: A 12-month project until Fenruary 2024 to increase capacity and develop skills at the Deaf Museum, Manchester. This is designed as Phase One of a two-part project.

Decision: Award grant of £100,000 (100% of total costs)

Former Christ Church and its role in shaping the lives of people across Kensington

Applicant: Christian Gold House Ministry

Project Description: Exploring the role Grade II listed Christ Church, (Kensington, Liverpool), has played in the local community, the project will collect oral histories, creating video recordings and an exhibition.

Decision: Award grant of £42,245 (100% of total costs)

Hibiscus Rising

Applicant: Leeds City Council

Project Description: A year-long project to create and install a 10 metre high public artwork that commemorates the life of David Oluwale, and deliver an associated programme of activity focusing on his heritage. 

Decision: Reject

Customs of West Africa Cultural grief in the UK

Applicant: The Widows Empowerment Trust

Project Description: An ethnically diverse-led project to explore the culture of grief in West African countries, collecting oral histories from West African communities living in Manchester.

Decision: Award grant of £26,083 (100% of total costs)

The Consett Iron Company 160th Anniversary – Community Heritage Project

Applicant: Building Self Belief CIO

Project Description: A two-year project to cover the period of the 160th anniversary of the establishment of Consett Iron Company (2024). The project will explore and emphasise the heritage and community-based importance of the Consett Iron Company, both at the time and at present.

Decision: Award grant of £92,549 (100% of total costs)

The People's Visual History of the 1973 FA Cup

Applicant: University of Sunderland

Project Description: Engage the public in heritage by celebrating the 50th anniversary of Sunderland AFC winning the FA Cup in 1973. The project will include a wide range of activities to engage with people that holds memories about the event.

Decision: Award grant of £43,140 (84.55% of total costs)

Shona Culture and Traditional Heritage


Project Description: The project will examine the marriage traditions of the Shona people of Zimbabwe and introduce them to younger generations of that community and beyond.

Decision: Reject

Whitby Lobster Hatchery & Marine Discovery Centre


Project Description: A two-year project to create a new Marine Discovery Centre on Whitby Harbour and engage new audiences with the natural and fishing heritage of the area. 

Decision: Reject

Grant Percentage Change

Project Title: Urgent repairs to a listed place of worship on the ‘Buildings at risk register’

Applicant: Christ Church Friezland PCC

Project Description: The project was awarded a delivery grant in January 2019 and undertook repairs to the spire, tower and west gable masonry of Grade II listed Christ Church, Friezland. It also researched its history and created engagement resources and activities.

Following a reduction in the total project cost, challenges securing cash partnership funding and the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on the organisation’s income generation, a grant percentage change (from 71% to 78%), reducing the contributions from the organisation’s reserves, is recommended. 

Decision: Award grant percentage increase 71% to 78% (payment percentage 72% to 79% of total costs).