England, North: delegate decisions February 2023

England, North: delegate decisions February 2023

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers for England, North at The National Lottery Heritage Fund on 8 February 2023.

Create With Pride

Applicant: Cumbria LGBT Pride

Project Description: To facilitate a series of workshops for LGBTQ+ youth and allies to learn about LGBTQ+ history. The workshops will provide a chance for participants to create media and displays to creatively connect with and explore LGBTQ+ history in their own way.

Decision: Award grant of £8,600 (100% of total costs)

Storrs Valley Heritage Skills

Applicant: Friends of Stoneface Creative

Project Description: Explore the natural and industrial heritage of Storrs Wood in Stannington, Sheffield, encouraging participants to explore the effect nature has on wellbeing and the value of heritage skills.

Decision: Award grant of £9,900 (99% of total costs)

Forces of Nature – From Industry to Culture

Applicant: Holmfirth Art and Music Ltd

Project Description: Use creativity to connect local people and communities to their industrial heritage and outdoor landscape. The project will explore how the industrial heritage of the Holme Valley (mills and quarries) and the natural and adapted landscape (river, moor, and reservoir) have affected the cultural and leisure heritage of the area through the ages.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (31.71% of total costs)

The Future in History is Bright


Project Description: To deliver creative taster sessions to act as a gateway to cultural heritage focused careers. The workshops will involve working with professional artists, CV and interview techniques and creative making sessions to build employment experience.

Decision: Award grant of £8,700 (100% of total costs)

Saints Heritage Project

Applicant: Saints Community Development Foundation Limited

Project Description: St Helens Rugby League Football Club celebrates its 150th birthday in 2023. This project will establish a 'heritage hub' at the stadium. The hub will draw together elements of the club and community heritage using the stadium for exhibition space, timelines and displays.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (100% of total costs)

Conference bursary support application

Applicant: Association for Cultural Enterprises

Project Description: To  fund bursaries and subsidised tickets for members to be able to attend the Annual Conference and Trade Show which will be held in Harrogate in March 2023. The conference is a chance for people in the heritage and cultural sector to learn about topics such as publishing, retail and licensing which are critical income streams for the sector.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (100% of total costs)

Feminist Archive North Oral History Project

Applicant: Feminist Archive

Project Description: An oral history project to create a series of recorded interviews with the women who played a key role in the development, setting up and running of the National Women's Aid Federation. The project will produce a lasting record in their own words of the women behind the Women's Aid movement.

Decision: Award grant of £6,700 (100% of total costs)

Lorton Parish Interpretation Boards and Access Improvements

Applicant: Lorton Parish Council

Project Description: To create two interpretation panels and improve access to footpaths. The panels will highlight and inform residents and visitors of several ongoing beneficial wildlife heritage projects undertaken in the parish as well as featuring some species photographs and sketches.

Decision: Award grant of £6,288 (80.74% of total costs)

Remembering Stansfield View

Applicant: St Anne's Community Services

Project Description: Uncover the social history of the people who lived and worked at Stansfield View long-stay hospital for people with learning disabilities in Todmorden. People's recollections of their time at Stansfield View Hospital and how their lives have changed in the last 30 years will be captured through filmed interviews and historic footage.

Decision: Award grant of £3,500 (53.85% of total costs)

Oldham Community Radio Archive Project

Applicant: Oldham Community Broadcasting Ltd

Project Description: Retrieve, organise, digitise, archive, and safely store a unique collection of approximately 150 magnetic audio open reel-to-reel tapes and similar media, owned by Radio Cavell, Oldham's Hospital Broadcasting Organisation. 

Decision: Award grant of £9,780 (100% of total costs)

MFAM Workshop

Applicant: Manchester Film And Music CIC

Project Description: To deliver workshops for vulnerable young people to inspire and help them progress into jobs within creative industries. Funding would be used to upgrade equipment, rent spaces for the workshops and to pay facilitators.

Decision: Reject

Lineage (Khandan)

Applicant: lads west yorkshire cic

Project Description: Deliver a series of creative workshops to encourage men in the South Asian community to connect with their personal history. The workshops will support cross-generational learning through the sharing of stories from older people which will then be documented by the younger generations.

Decision: Reject

Access 4 everyone

Applicant: Leigh Building Preservation Trust Limited

Project Description: A heritage consultant will be employed as part of this project to design a new welcome centre complete with animated heritage displays and interactive features. It is expected that the space will be used for community events, films, theatre, craft and heritage fairs and exhibitions.

Decision: Reject

Eco Fest 2023

Applicant: The Prospects Foundation

Project Description: The Eco Festival will host over 20 stalls, many hosted by other charity partners. The festival will include a range of heritage crafts and skills, garden habitat creation, wildlife identification, local food growing, promotion of sustainable travel and ways to get involved with all the green spaces in the borough.

Decision: Reject

The History of Halifax & District Amateur Rugby league

Applicant: Calderdale Community Coaching Trust

Project Description: A two-year project to connect eight community clubs from Calderdale to tell a complete history of the Halifax and District amateur Rugby League. The project will recruit a Heritage Officer and a minimum of 50 volunteers to undertake research and support the repair and conservation of collection items.

Decision: Award grant of £92,829 (100% of total costs)



Project Description: A 14-month long project based in Liverpool will run until March 2024 and will explore the cultural heritage of the African continent, focusing on music, dance, and poetry. The project will engage volunteers, record oral histories, host activity weeks and stage a celebration event.

Decision: Award grant of £37,654 (100% of total costs)

Helping Bewick's Brilliance to Shine

Applicant: Northern Shape

Project Description: Engage a group of vulnerable participants with local heritage to promote wellbeing and improve the local cultural offer to older people. Project activities will include a series of workshops exploring the creative interpretation of heritage materials as well as sensory workshops designed for people living with dementia.

Decision: Award grant of £63,000 (75% of total costs)

Dig Where You Stand

Applicant: University of Sheffield

Project Description: This two-year project is the second phase of Dig Where You Stand, seeking to challenge conventional understandings of south Yorkshire's racial heritage by highlighting the presence and experiences of racially marginalised communities in the region before 1945.

Decision: Award grant of £112,100 (94.52% of total costs)

Beautiful Oldham – Why Not?

Applicant: Northern Roots (Oldham) Ltd

Project Description: A 12-month project to make sure that Northern Roots is operationally robust and has a clear forward plan to engage communities in the natural, industrial, and social heritage of a 160-acre urban green space in Oldham. The project will work with community champions to co-design and deliver a two-month pilot programme of activities.

Decision: Award grant of £191,630 (100% of total costs)

Natural Heroes

Applicant: Scotswood Natural Community Garden Limited

Project Description: An 18-month project to undertake a range of habitat improvements within the Scotswood Natural Community Garden and provide opportunities for local people to better engage with natural heritage. Project activity will include the delivery of three habitat improvement projects, conservation volunteer sessions and nature-based workshops.

Decision: Award grant of £249,800 (47.6% of total costs)

Mr Grimsby & Mr Cleethorpes – The astonishing legacy of Edward Watkin

Applicant: Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire

Project Description: With an emphasis on engaging young people in an Area of Focus, the project will use digital technologies to explore and share the story of Edward Watkin and his role in the 19th century development of two North East Lincolnshire towns, Grimsby, and Cleethorpes.

Decision: Award grant of £250,000 (91.74% of total costs)

Alternative Futures

Applicant: Glassball Art Projects

Project Description: To use material held by Lancashire Archive to examine the heritage of the 'new town' of Skelmersdale. The project will engage residents, community groups and local businesses and will work collaboratively with architectural students and leaders in urban design, town planning and civil engineering from the University of Central Lancashire.

Decision: Award grant of £99,740 (99.8% of total costs)

Lost Mills and Ghost Mansions

Applicant: 509 Arts Ltd

Project Description: A year-long project to explore the industrial heritage of Bradford’s mills using oral history, public performance, school-based learning, and co-production. The project will gather testimonials from mill workers and use these to co-create an online learning resource and commission a touring artwork and performance.

Decision: Award grant of £73,952 (90.24% of total costs)

Sekers Objects

Applicant: Handpicked Productions CIC

Project Description: A two-year project exploring the heritage of Sekers, a textile company formerly based in Whitehaven, and its importance to the community. The project will create a digital archive in collaboration with students from the Cumbria Institute of Arts, produce an exhibition, publish a book, and deliver a programme of workshops in schools.

Decision: Award grant of £78,452 (99.37% of total costs)

The Greatest Story Never Told


Project Description: Aiming to engage under-served audiences in an Area of Focus, the project will use a local statue depicting the legend of Grim and Havelock to explore Grimsby's Viking heritage, highlighting the positive impacts of migration through workshops and exhibitions.

Decision: Award grant of £100,000 (100% of total costs)

Liverpool Irish Famine Trail: Release

Applicant: Liverpool Irish Festival

Project Description: An 18-month project to engage, promote, and enhance Liverpool's Irish Famine Trail. The project will work with volunteers to develop their skills including research and archiving techniques. Community groups will also create artworks to be featured on the trail’s app and a documentary length film will be produced.

Decision: Reject


Applicant: Northumberland Rivers Trust

Project Description: An 18-month project to engage young people from challenging backgrounds in improving habitat and access along the rivers Lyne, Wansbeck, Blyth, Pont and Seaton Burn, Northumberland. 15 young people will be engaged in full-time Environmental Operative apprenticeships with support from 650 young volunteers.

Decision: Award grant of £248,931 (100% of total costs)

St Laurence's, Kirby Misperton: Bringing an Historic Country Church Back to Life

Applicant: Parochial Church Council of Kirby Misperton with Normandy and Salton

Project Description: A 25-month project to undertake interior conservation and improvement works. As well as repair and restoration work, the project will also deliver a programme of public engagement activities exploring the Saxon and medieval history of the area.

Decision: Award grant of £238,318 (82.66% of total costs)

"Cartmel's Marketplace – restoring and celebrating our heritage."

Applicant: Allithwaite and Cartmel Parish Council

Project Description: A nine-month project to undertake conservation and repair works to Grade II Fish Slabs and Pinnacle. Community engagement will raise awareness and share the heritage through the delivery of public talks, creative workshops in schools and a medieval fair to celebrate food heritage.

Decision: Award grant of £74,065 (88.1% of total costs)

Embracing the past to transform the future

Applicant: Re: Source Blackburn

Project Description: A 15-month project for Blackburn's historic Cotton Exchange building to become a thriving community resource and event space. The project will enable Re: Source to test its recently completed business plan by delivering a programme of events and activities.

Decision: Award grant of £191,326 (88.65% of total costs)

The Helm at Croglin

Applicant: The Helm at Croglin

Project Description: Undertake capital repairs to the redundant St John's Church in Croglin alongside engagement activities. Project activity will include talks on local and natural history, archaeological training days and a celebration event.

Decision: Reject

Garden of contemplation for the Didsbury Cenotaph

Applicant: Didsbury Civic Society

Project Description: To create a new garden of contemplation at the cenotaph in Didsbury near Manchester. The garden will contain plants and hard landscaping and will be delivered in parallel with community engagement activities.

Decision: Reject

Sangam Festival 2023

Applicant: Communities Together

Project Description: To deliver a programme of events as part of the festival and conduct audience research, fundraising and develop youth activities with the aim to expand festival activities across Yorkshire.

Decision: Reject

Embrace Abbeydale

Applicant: Sheffield Museums Trust

Project Description: A 20-month project to address long-term sustainability issues at Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet. This first phase will improve the visitor experience and volunteer engagement and establish a 10-year vision and masterplan. Project activity will include the creation of interpretation boards, development of new educational materials, restoration of the shop and blowing engine waterwheel and the creation of a new playground.

Decision: Reject

RJC Dance – NatroBeat

Applicant: RJC Productions Ltd

Project Description: To engage around 110 people, including members/alumni-members, dancers, and artists from RJC Dance (RJC), and members of Riley Theatre and Northern School of Contemporary Dance. Project activities will include several performances throughout the year and the creation of a public exhibition during Black History Month.

Decision: Reject

Eurovision Song Contest 2023 – Music Unites

Applicant: Liverpool City Council

Project Description: With Culture Liverpool, the project will deliver a community grants scheme and an education programme in the run up to the Eurovision. The project will provide a Eurovision Community Heritage Grants fund for music projects relating to nine themes and commission up to nine organisations to deliver a specific community education programme.

Decision: Award grant of £250,000 (100% of total costs)

Grant Percentage Change  

Peterson’s Project, Grimsby Docks

Applicant: Great Grimsby Ice Factory Trust

Project Description: The project was awarded £647,400 (68%) in June 2020 for a project comprising the repair and restoration of the Grade II listed Peterson's Building as a traditional fish-smoking factory. Alongside this was the creation of mixed-use space at the adjacent Building 89, located within the Kasbah Conservation Area at Grimsby Docks, northeast Lincolnshire (Area of Focus). The project also constitutes a programme of heritage learning, activities and skills development. This grant increase request has resulted from the significant impact of the post-Brexit and post-coronavirus (COVID-19) economic climate on the construction costs. The delays in the programme have also coincided with the exceptional period of construction cost inflation recently experienced.

Decision: Award grant increase of £249,800