England, North: delegated decisions April 2023

England, North: delegated decisions April 2023

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers for England, North at The National Lottery Heritage Fund on 12 April 2023.

Grant increase

Catch My Drift

Applicant: Northumberland Wildlife Trust Ltd

Project description: 42-month project aiming to enhance the quality and sustainability of priority habitats and improve community access. The request is made as a result of significant capital costs increases, most notably affecting the cost of bird hide renovations.

Decision: Award grant increase of £35,000

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

Chester's History of Fashion and Its Defining Moments

Applicant: Hair Heals Organisation CIC

Project Description: The project explores Chester’s history of fashion to share stories of cultural traditions, commemorations and celebrations. Working with local partners and volunteers, it will bring to life historic clothing from the Grosvenor Museum and create a display for Chester Heritage Festival.

Decision: Award grant of £9,950 (100%)

The Witham - A Sustainable Future for all

Applicant: The Witham Hall Ltd

Project description: The project aims to improve the Witham’s resilience by appointing a consultant to review the organisation’s business model and allow trustees to focus on governance. The buildings provide a performance space, gallery, shop, café, meeting rooms and studios.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (100%)

Towton Battlefield Society Information Signs

Applicant: The Towton Battlefield Society

Project description: To repair or replace battlefield trail signs and update information in light of recent research.

Decision: Reject

Manchester Histories: Resilience and Commercial Strategy Development

Applicant: Manchester Histories

Project description: The project intends to increase the organisation’s resilience by undertaking a detailed review of the service, identifying where new revenue streams can be generated and creating a commercial strategy.

Decision: Reject

Cultural connect


Project description: The project will focus on African language heritage maintenance in families with cancer and learning difficulties. It will involve capturing memories and individual stories through workshops.

Decision: Reject

The Romans are back in Kirkham - exploring Roman Kirkham to create wellbeing

Applicant: Positive Place Makers CIC

Project description: The project will connect local communities to the heritage of the Roman fort through a community archaeology project. It will produce a written report, archive, exhibition and town centre mural.

Decision: Award grant of £38,751 (57.2%)

#DYC Behind the Scenes at the Museum: unlocking the potential of the collections at Beck Isle Museum

Applicant: The Pickering Beck Isle Museum of Rural Life

Project description: The project aims to make the museum collection more accessible through a programme of collection management work and engagement activity. This will include a social media campaign, work with community groups, a rotating display and final exhibition.

Decision: Award grant of £97,698 (100%)

Project title: Building Bridges and Forging Ahead

Applicant: Barnsley Council

Project description: Exploring the heritage of Elsecar and South Yorkshire through the creation of a People’s Archive and co-designed workshops and tours to engage new audiences.

Decision: Award grant of £89,883 (89.99%)

#DYC Taking Stock: Re-thinking Manchester's Civic Collections

Applicant: Manchester City Galleries Trust

Project Description: The project will explore models of collections engagement beyond conventional modes of display and exhibition, drawing on principles of social capital and slow working to increase access digitally and onsite.

Decision: Award Grant of £113900 (100%)

Strong Women

Applicant: Heart of Glass St Helens Ltd

Project description: The project explores the social history of women in St Helens and Knowsley. An artist residency will engage with community participants to produce work and create street art.

Decision: Award grant of £95,998 (51.06%)

Shona Culture and Traditional Heritage


Project description: Focusing on communities around Skelmersdale, the project aims to promote and protect the heritage of ceremonial marriage of the Shona people of Zimbabwe. Workshops, oral history interviews and a booklet.

Decision: Award grant of £45,689 (100%)

People, Pride and Progress: preserving the voices of rail's LGBTQ+ history

Applicant: The Board of Trustees of the Science Museum

Project description: An oral history project to uncover undocumented stories from the LGBTQ+ community working in British Railways. 70 intergenerational interviews will take place and be digitally preserved and archived.

Decision: Award grant of £96,300 (89.33%)