England, Midlands & East: delegated decisions October 2023

England, Midlands & East: delegated decisions October 2023

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers for England, Midlands & East at The National Lottery Heritage Fund in October 2023.

20 October

Grant increase requests

The Casta Way – The Origins of Caste

Applicant: Opal22 Arts and Edutainment

Project description: To showcase five internationally important Casta paintings and deliver community engagement activities and an exhibition.

Decision: Award grant increase of £56,550 to make a total grant of £154,550 (86%)

26 October

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

Making it better; making it nice; continuing the welcome

Applicant: St Michael's and All Angels Church PCC

Project description: To address maintenance issues and reordering works to St Michael's and All Angels Church (Grade II*) in Plumstead, Norfolk.

Decision: Reject

Facing the Future at St Faith's

Applicant: Friends of St Faith's, Dorstone

Project description: To build resource and capacity for the PCC and Friends of St Faith to test the viability of their future vision: to transform church into a multi-use community building, local history centre and place of worship.

Decision: Award grant of £34,527 (100%)

The history of Barford School

Applicant: Barford Heritage Group

Project description: To research the history of Barford school and produce a book that will be launched at a celebration event.

Decision: Reject

Peak Packhorse Project

Applicant: The British Horse Society

Project description: To identify 10 packhorse trails across the Peak District National Park, raising awareness of them and the routes' history as well as improving one of the trails (Hollinsclough near Washgate Bridge) with a pitched-stone surface and re-profiling.

Decision: Reject

Coventry Interfaith Pioneers

Applicant: Together in Action Trust

Project description: To create a film and touring exhibition using oral histories of faith elders about the "Interfaith Pioneers”.

Decision: Award grant of £9,990 (100%)

Joubert in Moseley


Project description: To record and perform some unfamiliar works of composer John Joubert. Several workshops will be delivered with school children to learn about musical composition, where they will perform what they have learned at the end of the project.

Decision: Reject

Water and Wellbeing

Applicant: Level Centre Limited

Project description: To work with autistic and neurodiverse teenagers who are not in mainstream education. It provides an opportunity to discover and explore their local heritage and be involved in a range of heritage experiences and interpretation skills. 

Decision: Award grant of £98,309 (100%)

Ely Museum: Resilience through our collections

Applicant: Ely Museum CIO

Project description: To focus on building Ely Museum's resilience through reviewing several aspects of operations and collections.

Decision: Award grant of £247,092 (100%)

Women of Walkern 2

Applicant: Walkern History Society

Project description: To tell the history of Walkern (near Stevenage, Hertfordshire) which to-date has been framed from a male perspective. It will instead focus on women of Walkern and the contribution they made, the impact they had and the relatable hardships they face.  

Decision: Award grant of £19,536 (94%)

Celebrating 125 years of enhancing lives and making a difference

Applicant: Mosaic 1898 Ltd

Project description: To celebrate the charity's 125th year with participants and volunteers researching and creating an exhibition and website information. 

Decision: Award grant of £73,214 (100%)

Building a stronger Silverstone Museum

Applicant: Silverstone Heritage Limited

Project description: To support Silverstone Heritage Limited to be more financially secure and operationally robust with more diverse governance. It will achieve this by developing an enhanced education and exhibition programme to reach new audiences, increase visitor numbers and attract corporate partnerships and sponsors.

Decision: Award grant of £249,081 (94%)

The Definitive Legacy of Windrush

Applicant: Legacy Centre of Excellence C.I.C.

Project description: To work with young people and volunteers to collect oral histories with Windrush elders in Newtown, Birmingham. Oral histories will become scripts to deliver educational workshops, an education resource for schools and colleges, and showcased to the local community. A further element to access archives and support families to connect with relatives overseas will also be developed.

Decision: Reject

It's All About Our Environment and Mental Wellbeing

Applicant: Generation Youth C.I.C.

Project description: To deliver a programme engaging young people in a range of activities geared towards different learning styles, focusing on the environment and wellbeing.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (100%)

The History of Alvechurch FC

Applicant: Alvechurch FC Community Foundation

Project description: To explore the history and roots of Alvechurch FC by forming a community heritage group of volunteers. The volunteers will collate stories and histories of club members to celebrate and form a new heritage display.

Decision: Award grant of £9,940 (100%)

Norfolk Wildlife Trust – Building Foundations for the Future

Applicant: Norfolk Wildlife Trust

Project description: To improve Norfolk Wildlife Trust's resilience and organisational operating systems alongside fundraising activities, digital outreach and audience development work including youth engagement.

Decision: Award grant of £241,642 (60%)

'See Me' (Working title)

Applicant: Fifth Word Theatre

Project description: To work with girls and young women from Muslim backgrounds to record oral histories from older Muslim women about their experiences living in Nottingham. A touring exhibition and digital outputs will be made using these materials.

Decision: Defer

Worcester Corn Exchange

Applicant: Worcester City Council

Project description: To undertake repairs and repurpose the currently disused Grade II Corn Exchange building in Worcester city centre. Proposals outline ambitions for the building to become the Worcester Corn Exchange Community Hub.

Decision: Reject

Commemorating 10 Years: Voices of Resilience in Young People's Services

Applicant: Aquarius Action Projects

Project description: To explore the history of the Aquarius charity supporting young people over the past 10 years. It will involve oral history recordings, art and photos, to create a powerful resource of inspiration to young people impacted by substance misuse.

Decision: Award grant of £9,060 (100%)

British Women of Colour in the First World War, Exploration Week for Girls and Young Women in Derby

Applicant: Anansi Theatre Company C.I.C

Project description: To bring together girls and young women of colour in Derby to explore the impact and stories of Women of Colour in Britain in the First World War through the performing arts.

Decision: Reject

Heritage Space: Historic Photos Around Cromer (working title)

Applicant: Cromer Artspace CIO

Project description: To work with local community partners to deliver a community curated exhibition using Cromer Museums collection of archive images of Cromer, from the earliest days of photography into the 21st century.

Decision: Defer

Beacon on the Hill

Applicant: PCC of Doddington

Project description: To repair and reorder St John's Church in Shropshire, conserving historic windows and making the building more accessible and better suited to hosting activities with improved facilities. It will also deliver a varied programme of activities to engage locals and visitors in the heritage of the building and the wider landscape.

Decision: Award grant of £170,554 (48%)

Gainsborough Old Hall, New Beginnings

Applicant: The English Heritage Trust

Project description: To rejuvenate Gainsborough Old Hall and provide a stepping stone toward securing its long-term conservation, financial and social sustainability.  

Decision: Award grant of £222,535 (82%)

Our Naked Voices

Applicant: Over 50's Black Men Forum CIC

Project description: To collect oral histories from middle aged Black African men about the diaspora's experiences of migration and life in the Essex since the early 2000s.

Decision: Reject

Second World War: The Forgotten Communities

Applicant: Luton City Media Foundation CIC

Project description: To produce a documentary film, focusing on the stories of African Caribbean Service Personnel community who participated in the Second World War who are elderly in their 80s and 90s.

Decision: Reject

Cambridge Museum of Technology: Full Steam Ahead

Applicant: Cambridge Museum Of Technology

Project description: To strengthen Cambridge Museum of Technology's resilience through implementing actions in support of their new business plan for 2023–2028.  

Decision: Award grant of £99,932 (100%)


Applicant: Projects From Pallets CIC

Project description: To research the Supermarine Spitfire and enable groups to engineer and create their own model versions.

Decision: Reject

Normanton 'Cultural Imprints'

Applicant: Sporting Communities Community Interest Company

Project description: To explore the history of Normanton, Derby and Normanton Park, alongside the personal heritage of the diverse communities living in the area.

Decision: Reject

All Saints Church Brandeston Suffolk – repairs

Applicant: Brandeston Parochial Church Council

Project description: To take on repairs that are required by the Quinquennial Inspection and require attention to prevent neglect of the church building.

Decision: Reject

Project Wildspace

Applicant: South Cambridgeshire District Council

Project description: To enhance nature and biodiversity within the district of South Cambridgeshire. It will identify areas and sites that can benefit from habitat creation and management by local residents working in partnership with Wildlife Trust Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northants and South Cambridgeshire District Council.

Decision: Reject

Luton – Our Music

Applicant: one stop advice & training centre

Project description: For One Stop Advice and Training Centre to work with up to 30 young volunteers to research and compare the significance of music to four major religions present in Luton. It will engage with Sikh, Hindu, Muslim and Christian communities to explore the historical and contemporary contexts around the development of music.

Decision: Reject

Holme Lacy Village Hall – Internal refurbishment

Applicant: Holme Lacy Village Hall Charity

Project description: To refurbish the internal areas of the village hall.

Decision: Reject

Refurbishment of K6 Telephone Box

Applicant: Birdingbury Parish Council

Project description: To repair and repaint a K6 telephone box.

Decision: Reject