England, Midlands & East: delegated decisions December 2023

England, Midlands & East: delegated decisions December 2023

Schedule of decisions under delegated powers for England, Midlands & East at The National Lottery Heritage Fund in December 2023.

1 December 2023

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

Slinter Wood and Dunsley Meadows

Applicant: Derbyshire Wildlife Trust Limited

Project description: This project will enable the acquisition of land by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust to protect the Derwent Valley's heritage landscape, enabling long-term public access and supporting nature recovery.

Decision: Award grant of £213,710 (100%)

5 December 2023

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

Securing the Future of the Media Archive for Central England

Applicant: Media Archive of Central England Limited

Project description: This resilience project will support relocating nationally significant archives. It will ensure that the future of this accredited collection is secured in the short to medium term, while long-term solutions are developed.

Decision: Award grant of £248,750 (95%)

7 December 2023

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

Seeking the Pioneers: The Race History Detectives

Applicant: Birmingham Race Impact Group

Project description: Birmingham Race Impact Group will examine the history of anti-racism activism in Birmingham between 1960 and the present day, capturing first-hand accounts from key figures and working within communities to embed learning.

Decision: Award grant of £242,011 (100%)

Church Extension Project for Disability Toilet

Applicant: The Parochial Church Council of St. John the Baptist Church Baston

Project description: This project is to build an extension on the old Boiler House for a disabled toilet so that all visitors have access to such facilities.

Decision: Reject

CHT Capacity Building Project

Applicant: Chance Heritage Trust Limited

Project description: This project aims to build the capacity, resource and infrastructure of Chance Heritage Trust to progress plans for the repair and regeneration of Chance Glassworks and the Soho Foundry and Mint.

Decision: Award grant of £250,000 (60%)

Bridging Past and Present: Preserving Deaf Culture Through Intergenerational Heritage

Applicant: The Royal Association for Deaf People

Project description: This project focuses on sharing the cultural heritage of the deaf community and establishing intergenerational connections between young and older deaf people.

Decision: Reject

Colsterworth War Memorial Restoration Project

Applicant: Colsterworth Festival of Remembrance

Project description: To fundraise, procure experts and repair the village war memorial, with the aim to raise awareness and understanding of local heritage.

Decision: Award grant of £26,200 (73%)

Braunstone Church Field Project

Applicant: Braunstone Heritage Archive Group

Project description: This project will use a geophysical survey, including ground penetrating radar, to identify target areas for future archaeological trenches.

Decision: Reject

The Carry Back Project

Applicant: The Caribbean Collective

Project description: To help preserve the unique heritage and narratives of the African-Caribbean community in the UK. Through oral histories, the project aims to create a comprehensive archive of their stories, ensuring their contributions to British society are recognised and celebrated.

Decision: Award grant of £9,500 (100%)

St James' Church Interpretation Panels

Applicant: Friends of St James Church Wigmore

Project description: This project aims to add value to the visitor experience by commissioning museum-quality interpretation panels that present the history of the church, adjacent medieval castle and the wider village from the last Ice Age until modern times.

Decision: Award grant of £6,270 (100%)

Out Of The Blue

Applicant: Mitchell Memorial Youth Arts Centre Ltd

Project description: This project will work with families in Stoke on Trent to create bug hotels and flower planters for the theatre’s terrace. It will create legacy, support the venue by renewing spaces, educate the community on ways to help nature and be more environmentally aware, and help the arts centre connect with their growing audience.

Decision: Award grant of £9,812 (100%)

History of Basildon Borough and Radio

Applicant: Gateway Community Media CIC

Project description: This project will incorporate work with volunteers, young people from local schools and colleges, Basildon hospital and people with dementia in mobile project days, capturing memories of music and Basildon heritage with audio and photos.

Decision: Reject

A Wilder Future for Hertfordshire and Middlesex Wildlife Trust

Applicant: Hertfordshire & Middlesex Wildlife Trust Ltd

Project description: This project focuses on organisational resilience through improving IT systems, simplifying work processes, providing staff training and recruiting new volunteers from different ages and backgrounds.

Decision: Award grant of £233,115 (95%)

Peakland Environmental Farmers (PEF)

Applicant: Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust

Project description: This resilience-based project aims to formally establish a farmer-led cooperative, Peakland Environmental Farmers, to support environmental and cultural heritage.

Decision: Award grant of £98,975 (100%)

Feasibility Study for Bromley House Library: Onwards and Upwards

Applicant: Bromley House Library

Project description: This project will allow Bromley House Library to carry out an options appraisal for purchasing 16 Angel Row, a Grade II listed building adjacent to the current library building with the aim of providing it with a new use and increasing access to the library.

Decision: Award grant of £60,176 (100%)

150 more years of Pleasley Pit

Applicant: Pleasley Pit Trust

Project description: This project aims to support the organisational sustainability at Pleasley Pit Trust.

Decision: Reject

Exploring the mystery of Kirkby Castle Nottinghamshire

Applicant: Kirkby & District Archaeological Group

Project description: This project will work with the local community, schools and students to research and document Kirkby Castle and to find out about the families that lived there.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (83%)

Future Growth of Buxton Civic Association - Engaging our community in heritage conservation for a further 60 years

Applicant: Buxton Civic Association Limited

Project description: This resilience project will enable Buxton Civic Association to enact change and explore new opportunities for members, volunteers and visitors.

Decision: Award grant of £249,990 (98%)

The Going Back, Looking Forward Project

Applicant: Leicester Caribbean Cricket & Social Club

Project description: This project aims to document, record, and share the inspiring stories and experiences of the club's founders, who played a pivotal role in establishing a cricket club for the newly arrived African-Caribbean community in Leicester.

Decision: Award grant of £9,500 (100%)

Archaeology on Prescription Nottingham

Applicant: York Archaeological Trust for Excavation and Research Limited

Project description: This project will host a series of 'Archaeology on Prescription' sessions specifically tailored to engage Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire County residents in archaeology activities to improve their health and wellbeing.

Decision: Award grant of £9,875 (100%)

Walsall Windrush Oral History Project

Applicant: New Testament Church of God

Project description: This project will see New Testament Church of God record a series of oral histories capturing the experiences of Black African and Caribbean individuals from the Windrush generation who settled in Walsall.

Decision: Award grant of £99,984 (100%)

Prince Frederick's Thetford Museum and the Duleep Singh Stories

Applicant: Norfolk County Council

Project description: This project will update the heritage offer at the Ancient House in Thetford and celebrate the museum’s 100th anniversary. It will deepen the interpretation around the museum's connection with the Duleep Singh family, serving the needs of their current visitor profile and engaging new audiences.

Decision: Award grant of £198,059 (84%)

St John's Spire Appeal

Applicant: The Friends of the Church of St John the Baptist, Bromsgrove

Project description: This project will address urgent repairs to a Grade I listed church and develop a programme of engagement.

Decision: Award grant of £249,975 (58%)

12 December 2023

Grant increase requests

Building the Future: Repairing the Past

Applicant: St.Peter's Haveringland Parochial Church Council

Project description: This project will carry out conservation/repair and new works to the Grade II* listed St Peter's Church Haveringland in East Norfolk, alongside a programme of community activities and events.

Decision: Award grant increase of £132,630 to make a total grant of £331,226 (78%)

15 December 2023

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

Zimbabwean bereavement Cultural Heritage


Project description: This project will discover, understand and preserve the bereavement culture and traditional heritage of Black African immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers from Zimbabwe living in West Bromwich, Birmingham. Young people from the community will get the opportunity to volunteer and collect oral histories from their elders to enable them to better understand the practice and ensure its continuity.

Decision: Reject

Art at the Heart of Ipswich

Applicant: Ipswich Art Society

Project description: The project, centred in Ipswich, aims to use a celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Society to increase awareness of the heritage and cultural offerings in the town, catalogue its archive, make the organisation more resilient and expand activities available.

Decision: Award grant of £75,515 (96%)

Children's Cultural Classes

Applicant: Thandizo Nottingham Association

Project description: This project is designed to bridge the cultural heritage gap among children of Malawian descent born in the UK. The aim is to educate them about their Malawian heritage while promoting integration with British culture.

Decision: Award grant of £9,960 (100%)

Nature Nostalgia: Reviving and capturing childhood memories of nature play through movement and music

Applicant: Barefooted

Project description: This Northampton project is a cross arts and heritage project designed to engage older individuals in outdoor creative activities that encourage and capture reminiscences of childhood experiences of nature play.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (99%)

Boston - The Story in Stitch

Applicant: The Boston Stitchers

Project description: This project is to launch and record a textile book to promote Boston’s heritage, diversity and positivity.

Decision: Award grant of £6,000 (100%)

Hope and Resilience

Applicant: The 3E's (Midlands)

Project description: This project seeks to record the testimonies of black, predominately African-Caribbean, men in Birmingham and the West Midlands, who have experienced mental health issues and the local services available. These stories will then be publicly shared to encourage an openness among the Black community by challenging the stigma of mental health and raising awareness of the disadvantages faced by this underserved group within mental health services.

Decision: Reject

Cotton Mill Town Re-imagined

Applicant: Company Blood Theatre Club

Project description: This project will raise awareness of the importance of Strutt’s Community Centre in Belper, Derbyshire (originally Herbert Strutt’s School 1856) to the wider heritage of the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site. It will do this by creating an immersive, theatrical experience in different parts of the listed building.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (78%)

Gainsborough's House: Facing the Future

Applicant: Gainsborough's House Society

Project description: This project based in Sudbury, Suffolk, aims to build the capacity, resource and infrastructure of Gainsborough’s House Society to be a resilient and financially sustainable organisation.

Decision: Award grant of £245,000 (98%)

Research and display historical information about our heritage and community

Applicant: Friends of Shenstone Tower

Project description: This project will research and install historical information boards on the six floors of the Old Church Tower, in the grounds of St John the Baptist Church, Shenstone (near Lichfield, Staffordshire) to explain the history of the church tower and the local community from its birth many centuries ago to the present day.

Decision: Award grant of £7,254 (79%)

Starfish - Making a difference

Applicant: The Norfolk Heritage Fleet Trust

Project description: This project, based on the Norfolk Broads, focuses on two aspects to secure the Trust’s long-term resilience: reviewing its business model and expanding its engagement with schools and community groups.

Decision: Award grant of £154,426 (95%)

350th anniversary of St Nicholas Church, Nottingham

Applicant: The Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of St Nicholas, Nottingham

Project description: This project will conduct repairs and increase community engagement at St Nicholas Church, Nottingham, a 345 year old, Grade II* listed Anglican church.

Decision: Award grant of £82,965 (86%)

Identify, Inform, Involve - Natural Heritage Networks at Rickmansworth Aquadrome

Applicant: Three Rivers District Council

Project description: This project will undertake planning, surveying, options appraisal and engagement activities on a complex wetland nature reserve in advance of a larger application for capital works.

Decision: Award grant of £161,691 (75%)

Better in Bungay Heritage and Tourism Centre

Applicant: Bungay Town Council

Project description: This is an ambitious refurbishment project for the future community use of this Grade II listed town hall in Suffolk.

Decision: Reject

Compassionate Voices Step Out

Applicant: Compassionate Voices CIC

Project description: This project will support under-served groups from Bolsover, Derbyshire, with their education and wellbeing by providing access and engagement to heritage and nature sites such as Chatsworth House, Shakespeare’s Story at Stratford Upon Avon and the Beatles Museum in Liverpool.

Decision: Award grant of £9,780 (98%)

Grant increase requests

The Generator Loughborough

Applicant: The Generator Loughborough CIC

Project description: This project aims to bring the Generator Hall into operational use by 2024. It will restore the hall to a useable and accessible condition, fitting it out as a performing arts and events venue. The project will deliver an activity plan by recruiting volunteers, researching and displaying the history of the hall, and engaging the public in pre-launch and operational phase activities.

Decision: Award grant increase of £85,000 to make a total grant of £335,000 (18%) and agree change to approved purposes.