Fraud, bribery and corruption

Fraud, bribery and corruption

We recognise that, as a distributor of money raised by The National Lottery, we are at risk of being targeted for fraud, bribery and corruption.

Fraud targeted at us

We have adopted a zero tolerance approach and all our activities receive a fraud risk assessment.

Our staff are trained in both fraud awareness and the identification of suspicious activity. All allegations will be investigated and perpetrators reported to the police. We also share information with other National Lottery distributors about individuals and organisations who try to defraud us.

Fraud committed in our name

Have you been told you can receive money from us?

We only give funding in response to grant applications. We do not operate a lottery, award prizes or distribute money in any other way.

If you receive a message (for example via email or social media) telling you that you have won a prize or can receive money from us without submitting an application to our portal, it has not come from us. Neither The National Lottery Heritage Fund or the UK National Lottery owns, or is associated with, any lottery that asks for payment in order to claim a prize.

Some pay-to-claim lotteries are regarded by the Metropolitan Police or the Gaming Board of Great Britain as being fraudulent. If you would like further information, please visit the Metropolitan Police Service website.

Please exercise caution and do not part with your money or details to an unknown party or company. Be sure to check the organisation’s legal status first.

Contact our Customer Services team

Should you have any fraud, bribery and corruption concerns, please email our Customer Services team through or call 020 7591 6044 (Monday to Friday, 9am‒5pm).

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