State of UK Public Parks 2014

Accompanied by a detailed research report and data sets, this is a study of the current state and future trends in the condition of the UK’s public parks.

Three new surveys were commissioned:

  • A survey of local authority park managers
  • A survey of park friends and user groups
  • A public opinion survey from Ipsos MORI

The research shows that maintenance budgets are being reduced, capital will be less available for improvements, facilities are becoming more costly to use and some parks may simply be sold or transferred to the care of others. However park usage is increasing and communities are also taking on a greater role.

The study ends with a call to action and five key challenges for the future. HLF will commission and publish a second State of the UK Public Parks report in 2016 to monitor changes in the condition, quality and resourcing of the UK’s public parks.

Find out more about the background of this work and watch our film.

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