Landscape Partnerships evaluation

This report, produced by the Centre for European Protected Area Research at London University Birkbeck, presents an evaluation of HLF’s Landscape Partnership programme , together with a review of the participative approach to evaluation which informed this work.

The report comprises five principal sections:

  • outlining the history and philosophy of the Landscape Partnership approach, and the issues that arise in evaluating such a complex programme
  • explaining the aims of this evaluation project, and describing how the work has been undertaken
  • summarising both the quantitative ‘output’ data submitted by partnership managers, and also more qualitative data gathered through first hand contact with partnerships, together with information taken from end-of-programme reports
  • a presentation of six more detailed case studies of landscape partnership schemes which have recently completed their delivery phase or are shortly due to do so; and
  • drawing some conclusions about what is being achieved, and the advantages and challenges both of the landscape partnership philosophy, and of a more participative approach to evaluation

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