The first 100 Major Grants, June 2015

Evaluating the impact of our largest grants – those of £5million or more.
Inside the Royal Hall, Harrogate
Royal Hall, Harrogate

173 Major Grants have now been made, and the first 100 of them are complete. Many have been finished for a decade or longer, giving us the opportunity to review the long-term, sustained benefits that have been achieved.

Major Grants – key findings

  • HLF has awarded £1billion to the 100 completed Major Grants. A further £2bn has been raised through partnership funding.

  • 94 million visits are made each year as a result of these Major Grants – a 130% rise. The biggest increases in visits were from families and young people.

  • Local tourism businesses are receiving an extra £480m in revenue as a result of increased visits - creating an extra 9,600 new jobs.

  • In addition, HLF funding created 2,536 new jobs within 46 of the funded organisations.

  • 49 organisations extended their work with schools as a result of their Major Grant, and 58 new education spaces – such as classrooms, lecture theatres and training rooms – have been created.

  • 54 organisations increased the number of volunteers they work with.

  • Through these 100 completed Major Grants, HLF has funded:

    • 6 world heritage sites

    • 16 Grade I listed buildings in England and Wales

    • 5 Grade A buildings in Scotland

    • 14 Grade II* listed buildings in England and Wales

    • 10 Grade II listed buildings in England and Wales

    • 2 Grade B buildings in Scotland

    • 6 buildings that have been removed from the Heritage at Risk Register

    • 4 scheduled ancient monuments

    • 36 National Collections

    • 8 designated collections

    • 43 accredited museums

    • 2 accredited archives

    • 6 works of art now in public collections

    • 3 historic archives that would have been broken apart

    • 5 ships on the National Historic Register of Ships

    • 7 of the top 10 most popular visitor attractions in England: the British Museum, National Gallery, Southbank Centre, Natural History Museum, Science Museum, the V&A and Somerset House

    • 4 of the top 5 attractions in Scotland: National Museum Scotland, Scottish National Gallery, Kelvingrove and the Riverside Museum

    • 65 visitor attractions in total: 23 in London; six in Manchester; three in Liverpool; two in Edinburgh; two in Glasgow; two in Bristol and one each in, Brighton, Cambridge, Canterbury, Cardiff, Chichester, Exeter, Falmouth, Harrogate, Hull, Leeds, Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingham, Oxford, Portsmouth, Reading, Sheffield, Swansea and Worcester

For further information, an extensive Major Grants Flickr Gallery is available to view.

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